1927 Far Eastern Championship Games

8th Far Eastern Championship Games
Host city Shanghai, China
Nations participating 3
Opening ceremony 28 August 1927
Closing ceremony 31 August 1927

The 1927 Far Eastern Championship Games was the eighth edition of the regional multi-sport event, contested between China, Japan and the Philippines, and was held from 28–31 August 1927 in Shanghai, Republic of China. A total of eight sports were contested during the four-day competition. This was the last time the competition was held on a biennial schedule and the event subsequently changed to a quadrennial basis, being held in the even years between Olympic competitions.[1]

Women athletes appeared at the games. A demonstration volleyball match was held by an Eastern Chinese women's team. However, their appearance generated a negative reaction from some audience members, who began insulting and shouting at the women. The match was curtailed before the allotted time as a result.[2]

The football match between China and the Philippines caused further disruption as the two teams began brawling and the audience threw objects onto the pitch – some leaving the stands to join the melee. This soured relations among the delegations and at the post-games banquet, in response to loud antics of Filipino attendees, the Chinese head organiser, Shen Siliang, openly stated that Chinese and Japanese women should avoid the Filipino delegation.[2]

In the football competition, China was represented by South China AA, a Hong Kong-based team.[3]

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