1985 Nahanni earthquakes

1985 Nahanni earthquakes
Date October 5, 1985 (1985-10-05) (continuous)
Magnitude 6.9 Mw
Epicenter 61°31′N 125°17′W / 61.51°N 125.29°W / 61.51; -125.29Coordinates: 61°31′N 125°17′W / 61.51°N 125.29°W / 61.51; -125.29
Areas affected Canada

The 1985 Nahanni earthquakes is the name for a continuous sequence of earthquakes that began in 1985 in the Nahanni region of the Northwest Territories, Canada.[1] The largest of these earthquakes occurred on December 23, reaching 6.9 on the moment magnitude scale.[1] This is one of the most significant earthquakes in Canada during the 20th century.[2] The earthquakes had a long succession of aftershocks and jolts.[1] The earthquakes amazed both the general public and the earth science community and have been felt in the Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and southeastern Alaska.[1]

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