1998 Nike Tour

The 1998 Nike Tour season was the eighth season of the Nike Tour, the PGA Tour's official developmental tour, now known as the Web.com Tour. The top fifteen players on the final money list earned PGA Tour cards for 1999.


The season ran from January 8 to October 25 and consisted of 30 events. All of the tournament names began with "Nike", e. g. "Nike Lakeland Classic"; this is eliminated here for brevity.[1]

Date Tournament Location Winner
Jan 11 Lakeland Classic Florida United States Casey Martin (1)
Jan 18 South Florida Classic Florida United States Eric Johnson (2)
Feb 8 Greater Austin Open Texas United States Michael Allen (1)
Mar 22 Monterrey Open Mexico United States Joe Ogilvie (1)
Mar 29 Louisiana Open Louisiana United States John Wilson (1)
Apr 12 Shreveport Open Louisiana United States Vance Veazey (1)
Apr 19 Upstate Classic South Carolina United States Tom Scherrer (2)
Apr 26 Huntsville Open Alabama United States Dennis Paulson (1)
May 3 South Carolina Classic South Carolina United States Gene Sauers (1)
May 10 Carolina Classic North Carolina United States Brian Bateman (1)
May 17 Dominion Open Virginia United States Bob Burns (1)
May 31 Knoxville Open Tennessee United States Robin Freeman (1)
Jun 7 Miami Valley Open Ohio United States Craig Bowden (1)
Jun 14 Cleveland Open Ohio United States Doug Dunakey (1)
Jun 21 Lehigh Valley Open Pennsylvania United States Eric Booker (2)
Jun 28 Greensboro Open North Carolina United States Joe Ogilvie (2)
Jul 5 Hershey Open Pennsylvania United States Michael Clark II (2)
Jul 19 St. Louis Golf Classic Missouri United States Chris Starkjohann (1)
Jul 26 Wichita Open Kansas United States Emlyn Aubrey (2)
Aug 2 Dakota Dunes Open South Dakota United States John Maginnes (2)
Aug 9 Omaha Classic Nebraska United States Matt Gogel (3)
Aug 16 Ozarks Open Missouri Australia Anthony Painter (1)
Aug 23 Fort Smith Classic Arkansas Australia Mark Hensby (1)
Aug 30 Permian Basin Open Texas United States Stiles Mitchell (1)
Sep 13 Tri-Cities Open Washington United States Matt Gogel (4)
Sep 20 Boise Open Idaho United States Mike Sposa (1)
Sep 27 Oregon Classic Oregon United States Charles Raulerson (1)
Oct 4 San Jose Open California United States Robin Freeman (2)
Oct 11 Inland Empire Open California United States Charles Raulerson (2)
Oct 25 Nike Tour Championship Alabama United States Bob Burns (2)

Money list

For a complete list of the top fifteen players on the final money list, who earned PGA Tour cards for 1999, see 1998 Nike Tour graduates.[2][3]

RankPlayerCountryEarnings ($)
1 Bob Burns  United States 178,664
2 Robin Freeman  United States 169,389
3 Joe Ogilvie  United States 157,812
4 Eric Booker  United States 153,526
5 John Maginnes  United States 145,210
6 Dennis Paulson  United States 145,065
7 Charles Raulerson  United States 142,976
8 Woody Austin  United States 140,955
9 Mike Sposa  United States 140,139
10 Notah Begay III  United States 136,289


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