2000 Challenge Tour

The 2000 Challenge Tour was a series of golf tournaments known as the Challenge Tour, the official development tour run by the PGA European Tour. The tour was started as the Satellite Tour in 1986 and was renamed the Challenge Tour ready for the start of the 1990 season.[1]

The Challenge Tour Rankings was won by Sweden's Henrik Stenson.

Tournament schedule

The table below shows the 2000 Challenge Tour schedule.[2]

DatesTournamentHost countryWinnerNotes
1720 Feb Challenge de España Spain Sweden Eric Carlberg
912 Mar Tusker Kenya Open Kenya South Africa Trevor Immelman
47 May Credit Suisse Private Banking Open Switzerland Spain Álvaro Salto
1114 May Costa Blanca Challenge Spain Sweden Johan Ryström
2528 May Muermans Real Estate Challenge Open Netherlands France Richard Gillot
24 Jun Danish Open 2000 Denmark Sweden Fredrik Henge
811 Jun NCC Open Sweden Republic of Ireland David Higgins
811 Jun Aa Open de Saint-Omer France France Pascal Edmond
2225 Jun DEXIA-BIL Luxembourg Open Luxembourg Sweden Henrik Stenson
2325 Jun Memorial Olivier Barras Switzerland Italy Adriano Mori Unofficial money
29 Jun2 Jul Open des Volcans France France Renaud Guillard
30 Jun2 Jul UBS Warburg Swiss Golf Open Neuchâtel Switzerland Switzerland Steve Rey Unofficial money
69 Jul Volvo Finnish Open Finland South Africa Jean Hugo
2023 Jul Günther Hamburg Classic Germany Republic of Ireland David Higgins
2730 Jul Beazer Homes Challenge Tour Championship England England Shaun Webster
36 Aug BMW Russian Open Russia Italy Marco Bernardini
1013 Aug Finnish Masters Finland France Christian Cévaër
1720 Aug Norwegian Open Norway Norway Paul Nilbrink
1720 Aug Buzzgolf.com North West of Ireland Open Republic of Ireland Italy Massimo Scarpa Also a European Tour event
2427 Aug Rolex Trophy Switzerland Republic of Ireland David Higgins Unofficial money
31 Aug2 Sept Formby Hall Challenge England Sweden Fredrik Henge
710 Sept Tessali Open del Sud Italy England Kenneth Ferrie
1417 Sept Gula Sidorna Grand Prix Sweden Sweden Henrik Stenson
47 Oct San Paolo Vita Open Italy Sweden Dennis Edlund
1215 Oct Le Touquet Challenge de France France Sweden Fredrik Andersson Hed
25 Nov Challenge Tour Grand Final Cuba Sweden Henrik Stenson


The top 15 on the Challenge Tour Rankings gained membership of the European Tour for the 2001 season.[1]

Position Player Country Prize money ()
1 Henrik Stenson  Sweden 108,711
2 David Higgins  Ireland 81,041
3 Carlos Rodiles  Spain 71,680
4 Mikael Lundberg  Sweden 71,608
5 Michele Reale  Italy 52,979
6 Tobias Dier  Germany 51,477
7 Fredrik Henge  Sweden 48,320
8 Christian Cévaër  France 47,654
9 Johan Ryström  Sweden 46,392
10 Trevor Immelman  South Africa 44,663
11 José Manuel Lara  Spain 43,446
12 Erol Simsek  Germany 41,152
13 Jean Hugo  South Africa 39,242
14 Andrew Raitt  England 38,611
15 Marco Bernardini  Italy 37,336

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