Al-Abwā' is a village belonging to Rabigh, western coast of Saudi Arabia. Muhammad entered it before the Battle of Badr, in the 2 Safar AH.

It was here that Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith adopted Islam [1]

The Seventh Twelver Shī`a Imām and direct descendant of Muhammad, Musa al-Kadhim, was born in this town.[2][3]

As Islamic history the place where the mother of Muhammad, Hazrat Amina bint Wahb died.

Battles fought by Muhammad in al-Abwa

The fourth caravan raid that Muhammad ordered, known as the invasion of Waddan, was the first offensive in which Muhammad took part personally with 70, mostly Muhajir,troops.[4]

It is said that twelve months after moving to Medina, Muhammad himself led a caravan raid to Waddan (Al-Abwa). The aim was to intercept the caravans of the Quraysh. The raid party did not meet any Quraysh during the raid.[5][6] But the caravan of the Banu Damrah was raided. Negotiations began and the two leaders signed a treaty of non-aggression. Banu Damrah pledged to not attack Muslims or side with the Quraysh; and Muhammad pledged to not attack the caravans of Banu Damrah or seize their goods.[4][5]

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