Adrienne Batra

Adrienne Batra (born 1974) is a Canadian journalist in publicist. She has been editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun since May 2015.

Batra was born in Saskatchewan, the youngest daughter of Harbir and Deepi Batra.[1] Her parents were teachers who had immigrated to Canada from India in 1967, by way of Ethiopia.[2] After graduating from high school in 1991, Batra joined the Canadian Reserves where she became her squadron's public affairs officer. After obtaining university degrees in political science and public administration she joined the Winnipeg office of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as a researcher,[1] eventually becoming its Manitoba director.[3]

She and her husband moved to Toronto in 2008 and, during the 2010 mayoral election Batra worked as a communications advisor on Rob Ford's successful campaign for mayor.[4] She subsequently joined the mayor's office, serving as Ford's press secretary for a year until she resigned in November 2011 to become the Toronto Sun's Comment Editor.[3] She also became CFRB Newstalk 1010's municipal affairs correspondent and wrote a column in the Sun on municipal affairs.[3]

In November 2013, she joined the Sun News Network as host of Straight Talk, an afternoon news and comment program, and resigned her position as a Sun editor in September 2014, though continuing as a columnist, in order to work for the network full-time until the channel went off the air in February 2014. After the demise of the network she rejoined CFRB radio as its weekday afternoon "Live Drive" host.[5]

Batra rejoined the Toronto Sun staff in May 2015 to become the paper's editor-in-chief.[6]

Batra describes herself as a libertarian and is a fan of Ayn Rand and Margaret Thatcher.[2]


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