Akita Omoriyama Zoo

Omoriyama Zoo

Main gate
Date opened September 1972
Location Akita, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates 39°40′19.74″N 140°04′38.58″E / 39.6721500°N 140.0773833°E / 39.6721500; 140.0773833Coordinates: 39°40′19.74″N 140°04′38.58″E / 39.6721500°N 140.0773833°E / 39.6721500; 140.0773833
Number of animals 505
Number of species 114
Memberships JAZA[1]
Website www.city.akita.akita.jp/city/in/zo/

The Akita Omoriyama Zoo (秋田市大森山動物園 Akitashi Omoriyama dōbutsuen), also known as “Milve”, is a municipal zoo opened in July 1967 in the city of Akita, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Opened in 1972, the zoo covers 15 hectares, with 114 species on display. It is accredited by the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA).[1]

The zoo is modeled after Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido with holding areas designed to mimic the animal’s natural habitat, and incorporating “action exhibits” where animal activity is encouraged, particularly during feeding time.


The zoo began as a zoo attached to the Akira Prefectural Children’s Hall within the grounds of former Kubota Castle in October 1950. It was transferred to the control of Akita City in April 1953 and renamed the Akita Children’s Zoo. In September 1972, it was relocated to its present location.

The zoo successfully bred the tanuki in captivity in 1974, followed by the barn owl in 1978, and Japanese marten in 1994. It also successfully artificially inseminated the black-backed jackal in 1990 and demoiselle crane in 1995. All of these successes were the first time for a zoo in Japan.

In May 2011, the zoo recorded its 9 millionth visitor since its relocation to its present location.


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