Allied Academies

Allied Academies
Status Active
Founded 1995 (1995)
Founder Jim and JoAnn Carland
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location North Carolina
Distribution Worldwide
Publication types Scientific journals
Official website

Allied Academies is a corporation chartered under the laws of North Carolina. It presents itself as an association of scholars, with supporting and encouraging research and the sharing and exchange of knowledge as its stated aims. The organization consists of 14 affiliate academies,[1] which provide awards to outstanding faculty members and publish academic journals both online and in hard copy for members. Since 2015, the organization has been listed on Jeffrey Beall's list of "potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers".


The organization sponsors three yearly academic conferences,[2] and publishes their proceedings. There is also an Internet Conference every summer.


Allied Academies honors outstanding faculty members with awards:[3][4][5] the Fellow Award, Distinguished Research Award,[6][7] Outstanding Teaching Award for Innovative and Creative Teaching,[8] and the John J. Fernandes Strategic Leadership Award.[9]


In 1994, Jim and JoAnn Carland formed a not for profit corporation called the International Academy for Case Studies, which launched the Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies. In 1995 they formed another not for profit corporation called the Academy of Entrepreneurship, which published the Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal and the Entrepreneurial Executive. In 1996, the Allied Academies was formed to oversee the affiliated academies. Since then new Academies and journals have been added.[10]

In 2015, Allied Academies was added to Jeffrey Beall's list of predatory publishers.[11]

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