Anamduwa Clock Tower
Coordinates: 7°52′39″N 80°0′52″E / 7.87750°N 80.01444°E / 7.87750; 80.01444Coordinates: 7°52′39″N 80°0′52″E / 7.87750°N 80.01444°E / 7.87750; 80.01444
Country Sri Lanka
District Puttalam District
Time zone SLST (UTC+5:30)
Postal code 61500[1]
Area code(s) 032

Anamaduwa (Sinhala: ආණමඩුව) is a big city in Puttalam District, North Western Province, Sri Lanka. It is located about 28 km (17 mi) away from Puttalam town.


There are few stories around the city name of Anamaduwa. According to one chronicle, after the uniting the country the King Dutugemunu had provided precious gifts to Nandimitra, who is the one of the ten giant warriors belonged to the King Dutugemunu. He was given an area that was to the south-west region of Anuradhapura and there he had settled with his battalion of Elephants. It is believed that the elephants were housed in an elephant kraal ( In Sinhalaː Ali Maduwa) where in the present day Anamaduwa is situated. As the time went and the influence brought in by the Tamil language to the area, Ali Maduwa had become to Anei Madam and then evolved to current name of Anamaduwa.[2]

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