Andreas Friedrich Bauer

Andreas Friedrich Bauer monument in Würzburg

Andreas Friedrich Bauer (August 18, 1783 – December 27, 1860) was a German engineer who developed the first functional steam-powered printing press with his colleague Friedrich Koenig, who had invented the technology and sold it to The Times in London in 1814.[1]

Born in Stuttgart, Bauer joined Koenig in 1817 to found Koenig & Bauer at the Oberzell monastery near Würzburg.

Printing capacity

The table lists the maximum number of pages which the various press designs of Koenig & Bauer could print per hour, compared to earlier hand-operated printing presses:

Hand-operated presses Steam-powered presses
ca. 1600
ca. 1800
Koenig & Bauer
Koenig & Bauer
Koenig & Bauer
Koenig & Bauer
Impressions per hour 240[2] 480[3] 800[1] 1100[4] 2000[5] 2400[5]



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