List of archbishops of Cyprus

Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and All Cyprus
Chrysostomos II
Country Cyprus
First incumbent St. Barnabas
Formation 1st century, but current establishment from 1571

This is a list of Archbishops of Cyprus since its foundation with known dates of enthronement. The Church of Cyprus was created by St. Barnabas in 45 AD. The see of Cyprus was declared autocephalous on 30 July 431; its autocephaly was abolished in 1260, and was restored in 1571. As the head of the Church of Cyprus, the holder is styled Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and All Cyprus.

Archbishops of Cyprus

First Autocephalous Period (45 AD-1260)

Non-Autocephalous Period (1260-1571)

During the Lusignan and later Venetian rule from 1260-1571 the Church of Cyprus ceased to be autocephalous and came under the direct rule of the Papacy, its fourteen dioceses was reduced to four until after the Ottoman conquest in 1571, when the Ottomans, for expedient administrative reasons, restored to the Orthodox Church of Cyprus all its previous privileges and rights.

Second Autocephalous Period (1571-Present)

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