Arno Wallaard Memorial

Arno Wallaard Memorial
Race details
Date Late-April
Region Alblasserwaard, Netherlands
English name Arno Wallaard Memorial
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single-day
First edition 1984 (1984)
Editions 33 (as of 2016)
First winner  Arie Overbeeke (NED)
Most wins  Arie Overbeeke (NED) (2 wins)
Most recent  Maarten van Trijp (NED)

Arno Wallaard Memorial is a single-day bicycle road race held annually in the Dutch region of Alblasserwaard: prior to 2007, the race was called "Omloop Alblasserwaard". Since 2009, it is organized as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour.


Rider Team
1984 Netherlands Overbeeke, ArieArie Overbeeke (NED)
1985 Netherlands Overbeeke, ArieArie Overbeeke (NED)
1986 Netherlands Bol, PatrickPatrick Bol (NED)
1987 Netherlands de Crom, JohnJohn de Crom (NED)
1988 Netherlands Gevers, JosJos Gevers (NED)
1989 Netherlands Engels, AllardAllard Engels (NED)
1990 Netherlands Zwirs, TonTon Zwirs (NED)
1991 Netherlands Woudenberg, HermanHerman Woudenberg (NED)
1992 Netherlands van Heeswijk, MaxMax van Heeswijk (NED)
1993 Netherlands van Teijlingen, StefanStefan van Teijlingen (NED)
1994 Netherlands Rotteveel, LeonLeon Rotteveel (NED)
1995 Netherlands Post, TommyTommy Post (NED)
1996 Netherlands Harms, NielsNiels Harms (NED)
1997 Netherlands Castein, CornéCorné Castein (NED)
1998 Netherlands Hofstee, EdwinEdwin Hofstee (NED)
1999 Netherlands Wallaard, ArnoArno Wallaard (NED)
2000 Netherlands Dat, HeroldHerold Dat (NED)
2001 Netherlands van Agtmaal, PeterPeter van Agtmaal (NED)
2002 Netherlands Hoedemakers, BerryBerry Hoedemakers (NED)
2003 Netherlands Koole, RobRob Koole (NED)
2004 Netherlands Soepenberg, GerGer Soepenberg (NED) Löwik Meubelen-Tegeltoko
2005 Netherlands de Jong, GideonGideon de Jong (NED)
2006 Netherlands van Winden, DennisDennis van Winden (NED) B&E Cycling Team
2007 France Flahaut, DenisDenis Flahaut (FRA) Jartazi-Promo Fashion
2008 Netherlands van Ooijen, CorneliusCornelius van Ooijen (NED) Cycling Team Jo Piels
2009 Netherlands Westra, LieuweLieuwe Westra (NED) Vacansoleil
2010 Netherlands van Dijk, StefanStefan van Dijk (NED) Verandas Willems
2011 Netherlands Hassink, ArneArne Hassink (NED) TT Raiko-Argon 18
2012 Netherlands van Baarle, DylanDylan van Baarle (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2013 Netherlands Vermeltfoort, CoenCoen Vermeltfoort (NED) Cycling Team De Rijke–Shanks
2014 Sweden Wilson, EdvinEdvin Wilson (SWE) Team Joker
2015 Netherlands Bovenhuis, JasperJasper Bovenhuis (NED) SEG Racing
2016 Netherlands van Trijp, MaartenMaarten van Trijp (NED) Metec–TKH Continental Cyclingteam

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