Associação Atlética Internacional (Limeira)

Not to be confused with Associação Atlética Internacional (Bebedouro).
Full name Associação Atlética Internacional
Nickname(s) Leão da Paulista (Paulista Lions)
Founded October 5, 1913 (1913-10-05)
Stadium Major José Levy Sobrinho, Limeira
Ground Capacity 23,475

Associação Atlética Internacional, usually known simply as Internacional, or as Inter-SP and Inter de Limeira, is a traditional Brazilian football club from Limeira, São Paulo state.


On October 2, 1913, at Teatro da Paz (meaning Peace Theater) members of an amateur football club called Barroquinha decided to professionalise their club, and established a monthly fee to be paid by its members and associates.[1] On October 5, 1913,[2] Associação Atlética Internacional was officially founded. The club was named after a São Paulo city club named Internacional (not to be confused with the still active Internacional of Porto Alegre).[3] According to some fans, the club is named to honor the several immigrant communities in Limeira, like the German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese communities.[1]

In 1926, Internacional won its first title, the São Paulo Countryside Cup.[4]

In 1982, the club contested the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A for the first time. Inter de Limeira finished in the 23rd position, ahead of big clubs like Cruzeiro and Atlético Paranaense.[5]

In 1986, Internacional, managed by Pepe,[6] won the Campeonato Paulista. It was the first time that a countryside club won the competition.[6] In the semifinals, Inter de Limeira beat Santos, and in the final, the club defeated Palmeiras.[7]

In 1988, Inter de Limeira won its first national title, the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. In the final four, the club finished ahead of Náutico of Pernambuco state, Ponte Preta of São Paulo state and Americano of Rio de Janeiro state. The club was promoted to the following year's Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.[8]


1986, 1988
1978, 1996, 2004


Inter de Limeira's home stadium is Estádio Major José Levy Sobrinho, also known as Limeirão,[2] inaugurated in 1977, with a maximum capacity of 23,475 people.[9]

Notable managers

Club colors

Internacional's colors are black and white.[2]


The club's anthem was composed by Joel Navarini, and it is called "Avante Leão!" (meaning "Go ahead Lion!").[10]


The club is nicknamed Leão da Paulista (meaning "Lion of Paulista"). The nickname appeared after a match between Internacional and Comercial-Ribeirão Preto of Ribeirão Preto. Comercial is nicknamed Leão, and after a successful trip when the club remained undefeated, the club was beaten by Inter de Limeira, which then adopted the nickname.[3]


Inter de Limeira's mascot is called Leão, meaning lion.[6] He is usually depicted wearing the club's home or away kit.[11]


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