Assyabaab Surabaya

Assyabaab Surabaya
Full name Assyabaab Surabaya
Nickname(s) The Green Shark
Founded 1948

Assyabaab Salim Grup Surabaya or Assyabaab Surabaya or ASGS football club is a professional football club from Surabaya, Indonesia.[1]


The club founded in 1948 in Ampel, Surabaya. The club named Assyabaab; it is a nickname for Arab descent at that place, since most of the founder is the Arab descent.[1] Assyabaab was one of the best club in Indonesian football at 1960–1970 era. At that era, many of Indonesia national football team player come from this club. Some players also played in Hong Kong after they played for Assyabaab.[2] Later the club performance decrease.

After two decade hiatus from top-tier Indonesian football, Assyabaab promoted to the top level at Galatama on 1991.[2] Later the club bought by Salim Group, and was renamed Assyabaab Salim Grup Surabaya. Consequently, they have better facility, and their performance increase.[1] They can hold in top-tier football league for several years. They advanced to the quarter final at the 1994–1995 Liga Indonesia Premier Division.



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