Australian Amateur

The Australian Amateur is the national amateur golf championship of Australia. It has been played annually since 1894 (except for war years) and is organised by Golf Australia. It is a Golf Australia national ranking event.

Since 1958 it has been played in two stages, a stroke play stage followed by a match play stage. From 1958 to 2005, the winner of the stroke play stage, the medalist, was awarded the Australian Medal. Since 2006, the winner of the stroke play stage is named the Australian Amateur Stroke Play champion.[1]

Pasts winners have included Brett Rumford, Greg Chalmers and Bob Shearer.


2016 Connor Syme Charles Pilon
2015 Cameron Davis Nick Marsh
2014 Tae Koh Ryan Evans
2013 Cameron Smith Brady Watt
2012 Marcel Schneider Cameron Smith
2011 Matt Stieger Cameron Smith
2010 Matt Jager Matt Jager
2009 Scott Arnold Bryden Macpherson
2008 Anders Kristiansen Danny Willett
2007 Rohan Blizard Andrew Dodt
2006 Tim Stewart Jason Day
2005 Eric Ramsay Kang Sung-hoon
2004 Andrew Martin Brad Iles
2003 Jack Doherty Mitchell Brown
2002 Kurt Barnes Andrew Buckle
2001 Andrew Buckle Steven Bowditch
2000 Brad Lamb Warwick Dews
1999 Brendan Jones B Bone
Brendan Jones
1998 Brett Rumford Kim Felton
1997 Kim Felton Daniel Gaunt
Terry Pilkadaris
1996 David Gleeson J Crow
1995 Mathew Goggin D Anderson
Marcus Wheelhouse
1994 Warren Bennett Jason Dawes
1993 Greg Chalmers S Collins
A Toogood
1992 Michael Campbell Stephen Leaney
1991 Lucas Parsons Lucas Parsons
1990 Chris Gray S Tait
1989 Steven Conran T Mills
J Wade
1988 Stuart Bouvier J Wade
R Willis
1987 Brett Johns G Joyner
1986 David Ecob C Warren
1985 Boonchu Ruangkit Brett Ogle
1984 B P King John J Hay
1983 Wayne Smith Wayne Smith
1982 E M Couper I Hood
Wayne Smith
1981 Ossie Moore Tony Gresham
1980 Roger Mackay Colin Kaye
1979 J A Kelly Colin Kaye
1978 Michael Clayton E Booth
1977 Tony Gresham Tony Gresham
Colin Kaye
1976 Peter Sweeney Chris Bonython
B Cook
Peter Sweeney
Doug Witham
1975 Chris Bonython Tony Gresham
1974 Terry Gale E Booth
Terry Gale
1973 R A Jenner P Headland
1972 Colin Kaye K Drage
Colin Kaye
S Mackay
1971 Randall Hicks M Cahill
1970 Peter Bennett B Warren
1969 Bob Shearer D Good
1968 R E Stott B Burgess
D Grant
Bob Shearer
1967 John Muller Tony Gresham
1966 Bill Britten V Bulgin
1965 Kevin Donohoe Kevin Hartley
1964 Barry Baker N Bartell
1963 J O Hayes Harry Berwick
E Routley
1962 Doug Bachli A Hutton
1961 Tom Crow P Billings
1960 Ted Ball L O'Shea
1959 Bruce Devlin Jack Coogan
1958 Kevin Hartley J Higson
1957 Barry Warren
1956 Harry Berwick
1955 J N Rayner
1954 Peter Toogood
1953 P F Heard
1952 Bob Stevens
1951 P F Heard
1950 Harry Berwick
1949 Bill Ackland-Horman
1948 Doug Bachli
1947 Harry Hattersley
1946 Alan Waterson
1940–45 No tournament due to World War II
1939 Jim Ferrier
1938 Jim Ferrier
1937 Harry Williams
1936 Jim Ferrier
1935 Jim Ferrier
1934 Tom McKay
1933 W L Hope
1932 Reg Bettington
1931 Harry Williams
1930 Harry Hattersley
1929 Mick Ryan
1928 Leonard Nettlefold
1927 W S Nankivell
1926 Leonard Nettlefold
1925 H R Sinclair
1924 H R Sinclair
1923 Ivo Whitton
1922 Ivo Whitton
1921 Cyril Legh Winser
1920 Eric Apperly
1914–19 No tournament due to World War I
1913 A R Lempriere
1912 H D Morrison
1911 J D Howden
1910 Michael Scott
1909 Michael Scott
1908 Clyde Pearce
1907 Michael Scott
1906 E A Gill
1905 Michael Scott
1904 J D Howden
1903 Dan Soutar
1902 H C Macneil
1901 H A Howden
1900 Louis Whyte
1899 C E S Gillies
1898 H A Howden
1897 H A Howden
1896 H A Howden
1895 R A A Balfour-Melville
1894 Louis Whyte

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