Bassac Abbey

Abbaye Saint-Étienne de Bassac

ESE view of the abbey (12th -18th centuries), Bassac, Charente, France
Basic information
Location Bassac, Charente
Geographic coordinates 45°23′39″N 0°37′08″E / 45.394298°N 0.61901°E / 45.394298; 0.61901Coordinates: 45°23′39″N 0°37′08″E / 45.394298°N 0.61901°E / 45.394298; 0.61901
Affiliation Catholic Church
District Charente
Province Poitou-Charentes
Year consecrated 1002
Ecclesiastical or organizational status existing
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Architectural description
Architectural style Ancient Diocese of Saintes

Bassac Abbey (French: Abbaye Saint-Étienne de Bassac) is an 11th-century Roman building abbey in Bassac, Charente from Ancient Diocese of Saintes style. The church was founded in 1002 by Wardrade Loriches, count of la Marche and first known Lord of Jarnac. It was built to 1015 by Angel de Grimoard, Bishop of Angoulême, and aIso brother, Bishop of Saintes. In 1095 it was made subservient to the Abbey of Saint-Jean-D'Angely by Pope Urban II;[1] it regained its independence in 1246.[2] Bassac Abbey was largely reconstructed under Guillaume de Vibrac, Abbot from 1247 to 1286.[3][4]


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