Bernardo de' Dominici

Bernardo de' Dominici (1683–1759) was an Italian art historian and painter of the late-Baroque period, active mainly in Naples, painting landscapes, marine vedute, and genre scenes such as characteristic of Bamboccianti. He was the pupil of the painter Mattia Preti, reportedly under the German painter of forested landscapes, Franz Joachim Beich.

Art history of Naples

In 1727, Dominici published a biography of Luca Giordano .[1] Dominici, however, is best remembered as the Neapolitan Vasari, after publishing in 1742 an ample, yet flawed, three volume collection of brief biographies of Neapolitan artists, Vite dei Pittori, Scultori, ed Architetti Napolitani.[2] It recounts the careers of artists from the "School of Naples," among these:

Volume I

Volume II

  • Pietro Paolo Ponzo; page 152.
  • Simon Papa il giovane; pages 127-135.
  • Bartolomeo Pettinato; pages 237-240.
  • Pietro dell Piata; pages 109-113.
  • Marco di Pino da Siena; pages 193-204.
  • Antonio Pizzo; page 152.
  • Scipione Pulzone (Scipione Gaetano); pages 168-173.
  • Aniello Redito; pages 237-240.
  • Giovanni Battista Rossi; pages 237-240.
  • Muzio Rossi; pages 241-244.
  • Nunzio Rossi; pages 143-149.
  • Giovanni Pietro Russo; page 150.
  • Francesco Ruvviale (Francesco Ruviali); pages 143-149.
  • Andrea del Salerno; pages 33–51.
  • Novello da San Luciano; pages 65–70.
  • Girolamo Santa Croce; pages 80–95.
  • Fabrizio Santafede; pages 223-236.
  • Francesco Santafede; pages 143-149.
  • Orazio Scoppa; pages 241-244.
  • Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta; pages 127-135.
  • Nicoló di Simone; pages 241-244.
  • Agnolo Sole; Volume 2, page 209-211.
  • Pietro Francione Spagnuoli; pages 143-149.
  • Giovanni Tomasso Splano; page 152.
  • Dezio Termisano; pages 163-167.
  • Cesare Turco; pages 102-108.
  • Father Giuseppe Valeriano (Jesuit); pages 168-173.
  • Andrea di Vito; pages 237-240.

Volume III

Volume IV

  1. Fra Mattia Preti
  2. Pietro Ceraso, Agostino Ferraro, Aniello Perrone, Michele Perrone, and Domenico di Nardo
  3. Francesco Picchiatti called Picchetti; Gennaro Sacco and Arcangelo Guglielmelli
  4. Luca Giordano
  5. Giacomo Farelli
  6. Lorenzo Vaccaro, Lodovico Vaccaro and their disciples
  7. Giacomo del Po, Teresa del Po
  8. Paolo de Matteis and his disciples
  9. Gennaro Greco; Gaetano Martoriello; Michele Pagano; Giovanni Marziale; Giuseppe Tassone; Gaetano and Domenico Brandi; Carlo Moscatiello; Onofrio Naso; Pietro Capelli; and Niccolo Bonito
  10. Andre Belvedere
  11. Francesco Solimena, called Ciccio Solimena


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