The Cambridge Ancient History

The Cambridge Ancient History
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published 1924–1939; 1970–2005
No. of books 19

The Cambridge Ancient History is a comprehensive ancient history in fourteen volumes, spanning Prehistory to Late Antiquity, published by Cambridge University Press. The first series, consisting of 12 volumes, was planned in 1919 by Irish historian J. B. Bury and published between 1924 and 1939, co-edited by Frank Adcock and S. A. Cook[1] A second revised edition was published between 1970 and 2005, consisting of 14 volumes in 19 books.

The Cambridge Ancient History is part of a larger series of works, along with the Cambridge Medieval History and Cambridge Modern History, intended to cover the entire history of European civilisation.[2] In the original edition, it was the last in this series to appear, the first volume of the Modern History having been published in 1902, and the first volume of the Medieval History in 1911.[3] In the second series, however, the Ancient History began to be published before the Medieval History.[4]

Second series

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