Camp Washington Chili

Camp Washington Chili
Restaurant information
Current owner(s) John Johnson
Previous owner(s) Steve Andon and Fred Zannbu
Food type American
Street address 3005 Colerain Ave
City Cincinnati
County Hamilton
State Ohio
Postal code/ZIP 45225
Country USA

Coordinates: 39°8′15.21″N 84°32′16.02″W / 39.1375583°N 84.5377833°W / 39.1375583; -84.5377833 Camp Washington Chili is a Cincinnati chili parlor founded in 1940 by Steve Andon and Fred Zannbus in the neighborhood of Camp Washington, near downtown Cincinnati, in southwestern Ohio. A well known Cincinnati landmark,[1] the parlor is located at 3005 Colerain Avenue, and the current owner is the Greek-born John Johnson. The restaurant left its old location and moved to a site a few lots away in 2000, after being told to vacate by the city in order to widen Hopple Street.[2] Their new location is modeled after a 1950s-style diner. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day every day but Sunday.

In 2011, Camp Washington Chili was featured on a Cincinnati episode of the Travel Channel's Man v. Food Nation.


In 2014, Travel + Leisure named it one of "America's Best Chili(s)".[3] In 2009, food writers Jane and Michael Stern wrote about Camp Washington Chili that "when we crave the best, there is just one place to go,"[4] and Bon Appétit named it one of "The Best Chili Spots."[5] In 2000, the chili served by the restaurant won an "American Regional Classic" James Beard Foundation Award.[6][7] CBS News in 1985 named it "the best chili in the nation."[8] The restaurant has been featured by HGTV, the Huffington Post, and Every Day with Rachael Ray.[9]

In popular culture

Blues musician Lonnie Mack sings a song entitled "Camp Washington Chili".[10][11][12]

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