Cenobites (album)

Cenobites LP
Studio album by Cenobites
Released 1993
Recorded 1993
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 38:00
Label Fondle 'Em
Producer Godfather Don

Cenobites is a hip hop self-titled album featuring Kool Keith of Ultramagnetic MC's and Godfather Don. The first of many one-off Kool Keith collaborations, the duo released an EP in 1993 which was later expanded for LP and CD editions.[1]


In 1992, South Bronx innovators Ultramagnetic MC's recruited little known MC/producer Godfather Don to assist them on their third LP, The Four Horsemen. The dark, jazzy sound he contributed was something of a departure for the group, which was known for its futuristic funk. During and after the album's recording, additional material featuring Kool Keith and Godfather Don was created for the Cenobites side project.

Radio personality Bobbito Garcia aka DJ Cucumberslice, a longtime fan and supporter of Ultramagnetic, released the Cenobites EP in 1993 on his own Fondle 'Em label. He also made his rapping debut as a featured performer on two of the disc's eight tracks. Another South Bronx veteran, Percee-P, also contributed a guest appearance. All the artists involved with the project were regulars on WKCR's Stretch Armstrong radio show in the early '90s, of which Bobbito was co-host.

Rumour has it that this album was recorded in a week, during a period where Kool Keith & Godfather Don locked themselves away from the outside world (in a basement), only adding additional vocals after they emerged from their retreat. This would be in keeping with the name of the group "Cenobite", as Cenobites are monks who would often shun the outside world in favor of a hermit type of life.


In 1994 a reissue was released with an additional remix, and was re-titled the Cenobites LP. A CD version was finally issued in 2000 with another bonus track, an extended version of Ultramagnetic's "Checkin' My Style" renamed "Return To Zero", which boasted a previously omitted Godather Don verse.[2]

A handful of Cenobites tracks remain officially unreleased including: "You Lose," "Lazy Woman," "Cold Peein' On 'Em," "Break 'Em Down" and "We Can Do This (ft. Mike L & TR Love)".

In addition, Kool Keith and Godfather Don appeared together on Raw Breed's "Rampage/Outta Control" with the legendary Melle Mel, and reunited in 1998 for Godfather Don's "Voices."

Track listing

  1. Lex Lugor
  2. I Was Forgotten
  3. Kick A Dope Verse (Featuring Bobbito)
  4. Mommy
  5. You're Late ( Featuring Percee P)
  6. Rhymes I Sniff A.K.A. Carlos Died
  7. Keep On (Featuring Bobbito)
  8. How The Fuck You Get A Deal
  9. Kick A Dope Verse (Battered Baby Seal Remix)
  10. Return To Zero


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