Challenge du Prince

Challenge du Prince
Race details
Region Morocco
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Africa Tour
Type Three One-day races
First edition 2010 (2010)
Editions 6 (as of 2015)

The Challenge du Prince is a series of One-day races held annually since 2010 in Morocco. It consists of three One-day races; Trophée de l'Anniversaire,[1] Trophée de la Maison Royale[2] and Trophée Princier,[3] each rated 1.2 and is part of UCI Africa Tour.

Winners – Trophée de l'Anniversaire

Rider Team
2010 Morocco Said El Ammoury, MohammedMohammed Said El Ammoury (MAR)
2011 Ukraine Bileka, VolodymyrVolodymyr Bileka (UKR) Amore & Vita-Conad
2012 Morocco Aadel, RedaReda Aadel (MAR)
2013 Tunisia Chtioui, RafaâRafaâ Chtioui (TUN)
2014 Morocco Lahsaini, MouhssineMouhssine Lahsaini (MAR)
2015 Morocco Abelouache, EssaïdEssaïd Abelouache (MAR) Fath Union Sport

Winners – Trophée de la Maison Royale

Rider Team
2010 Italy Angeloni, AdrianoAdriano Angeloni (ITA) Betonexpressz 2000-Universal Caffe
2011 Russia Borisov, VladislavVladislav Borisov (RUS) Amore & Vita-Conad
2012 Morocco Saadoune, AbdelatiAbdelati Saadoune (MAR)
2013 Tunisia Hasnaoui, MaherMaher Hasnaoui (TUN)
2014 Morocco Chaoufi, TarikTarik Chaoufi (MAR)
2015 Morocco Ait El Abdia, AnassAnass Ait El Abdia (MAR)

Winners – Trophée Princier

Rider Team
2015 Morocco Eddine Mraouni, SalahSalah Eddine Mraouni (MAR) Centre Mondial du Cyclisme


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