Circuit de Lorraine

Circuit de Lorraine
Race details
Date Late May
Region Lorraine, France
English name Circuit of Lorraine
Local name(s) Circuit de Lorraine (French)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1956 (1956)
First winner  Pierre Lambollez (FRA)
Most recent  Nacer Bouhanni (FRA)

The Circuit de Lorraine is a multi-stage road bicycle racing event held annually in Lorraine, France. Since 2005, it has been organised as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour.

Between 1956 and 1994 it was an amateur race, becoming a professional race called Circuit des Mines in 1995.


Rider Team
1956 France Lambollez, PierrePierre Lambollez (FRA)
1957 France Wasilewski, HenriHenri Wasilewski (FRA)
1958 France Osterdag, ReneRené Osterdag (FRA)
1959 France Chavy, NoelNoël Chavy (FRA)
1960 France Hocquaux, MarcelMarcel Hocquaux (FRA)
1961 Belgium Duveau, RobertRobert Duveau (BEL)
1962 France Anzile, UgoUgo Anzile (FRA)
1963 Italy Gerussi, ElioElio Gerussi (ITA)
1964 France Magnien, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Magnien (FRA)
1965 France Izier, MauriceMaurice Izier (FRA)
1966 Netherlands van der Horst, JanJan van der Horst (NED)
1967 France Pare, JosephJoseph Pare (FRA)
1968 Netherlands Hertog, Fedor denFedor den Hertog (NED)
1969 Netherlands Zoetemelk, JoopJoop Zoetemelk (NED)
1970 Poland Kaczmarek, AndrejzAndrejz Kaczmarek (POL)
1971 Netherlands De Koning, MathijsMathijs De Koning (NED)
1977 Netherlands Van Den Meer, JohanJohan Van Den Meer (NED)
1978 Netherlands Mak, GerardGérard Mak (NED)
1979 United Kingdom Doyle, TonyTony Doyle (GBR)
1980 France Vichot, FredericFrédéric Vichot (FRA)
1981 France Simon, RegisRégis Simon (FRA)
1982 France Hosotte, Jean-PaulJean-Paul Hosotte (FRA)
1983 Poland Kraśnik, ZbigniewZbigniew Kraśnik (POL)
1984 Netherlands Vliet, Teun vanTeun van Vliet (NED)
1985 France Lance, PascalPascal Lance (FRA)
1986 United Kingdom Curran, PaulPaul Curran (GBR)
1987 France Figue, GillesGilles Figue (FRA)
1988 France Lance, PascalPascal Lance (FRA)
1989 France Huger, BrunoBruno Huger (FRA)
1990 France Simon, RegisRégis Simon (FRA)
1991 Russia Galitchine, NikolaiNikolai Galitchine (RUS)
1992 Italy Ferrari, DiegoDiego Ferrari (ITA)
1993 France Currit, Jean-ChristopheJean-Christophe Currit (FRA)
1994 France Mengin, ChristopheChristophe Mengin (FRA)
1995 France Balland, GregoireGrégoire Balland (FRA)
1996 Italy Dante, StefanoStefano Dante (ITA) Cantina Tollo–CoBo
1997 France Seigneur, EddyEddy Seigneur (FRA) Française des Jeux
1998 Kazakhstan Vinokourov, AlexanderAlexander Vinokourov (KAZ) Casino–Ag2r
1999 Lithuania Kasputis, ArturasArturas Kasputis (LTU) Casino–Ag2r Prévoyance
2000 Denmark Sorensen, NickiNicki Sørensen (DEN) Fakta
2001 United Kingdom Newton, ChrisChris Newton (GBR) Great Britain (national team)
2002 Italy Cheula, GiampaoloGiampaolo Cheula (ITA) Mapei–Quick-Step
2003 France Auger, GuillaumeGuillaume Auger (FRA) BigMat-Auber 93
2004 Netherlands Posthuma, JoostJoost Posthuma (NED) Rabobank
2005 Latvia Naudužs, AndrisAndris Naudužs (LAT) Naturino-Sapore di Mare
2006 Colombia Soler, MauricioMauricio Soler (COL) Acqua & Sapone
2007 Germany Jaksche, JorgJörg Jaksche (GER) Tinkoff Credit Systems
2008 France Chainel, SteveSteve Chainel (FRA) Auber 93
2009 Italy Carrara, MatteoMatteo Carrara (ITA) Vacansoleil
2010 Italy Felline, FabioFabio Felline (ITA) Footon–Servetto–Fuji
2011 France Roux, AnthonyAnthony Roux (FRA) FDJ
2012 France Bouhanni, NacerNacer Bouhanni (FRA) FDJ–BigMat

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