City Light Stadium

City Light Stadium
Former names Okayama Stadium, Kanko Stadium
Location Japan Okayama, Japan
Coordinates 34°40′51″N 133°55′10″E / 34.680714°N 133.919494°E / 34.680714; 133.919494
Owner Okayama Prefecture
Capacity 20,000[1][2]
Field size 106 x 72 m
Surface Grass
Opened 1957
Renovated 2003
Fagiano Okayama

The City Light Stadium (シティライトスタジアム Shiti Laito Sutajiamu), known from 2010 to February 2015 as Kanko Stadium (Kankoスタジアム Kankō Sutajiamu), and before that as Okayama Combined Ground Athletic Stadium (岡山県総合グラウンド陸上競技場 Okayama-ken Sōgō Guraundo Rikujō Kyōgijō) is a multi-purpose stadium in Okayama, Japan. It is currently used mostly for football matches and athletics events. It is the home field of Fagiano Okayama, and used for some rugby union Top League games. The stadium's capacity is 20,000 people. Before the naming rights were acquired by Kanko and then City Light, the venue's nickname was Momotaro Stadium (桃太郎スタジアム Momotarō Sutajiamu)".


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