Copa Paraná

The Copa Paraná is a Brazilian football tournament played in the second semester of the year, along with other cups played in other states, participating clubs according to their performances in the state championships played during the first semester. A spot in the Copa do Brasil and in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D is granted for the winner of the competition. The winner of the cup also competes in the Recopa Sul-Brasileira. The competition is organized by the Paraná State Football Federation.

Titles in chronological order

Season Champion Runner-up
1998 Atlético-PR Grêmio Maringá
1999 Grêmio Maringá Londrina
2000 Not held
2001 Not held
2002 Not held
2003 Atlético-PR Coritiba
2004 Not held
2005 Not held
2006 Roma Iraty
2007 J. Malucelli Londrina
2008 Londrina Cianorte
2009 Not held
2010 Not held
2015 Maringá Toledo

Titles by team


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