David Dreman

David Dreman
Born 1936
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Occupation Chief executive officer

David Dreman (born 1936) is an investor, who founded and is Chairman of Dreman Value Management, an investment company.

Dreman has published many scholarly articles and he has written four books. Dreman also writes a column for Forbes magazine. Dreman is on the board of directors of the Institute of Behavioral Finance, publisher of the Journal of Behavioral Finance.


Dreman was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1936. His father, Joseph Dreman, was a prominent trader on the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange for many years.


David Dreman graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1958.[1]


After graduating, he worked as director of research for Rauscher Pierce, senior investment officer with Seligman, and senior editor of the Value Line Investment Service. In 1977, he founded his first investment firm, Dreman Value Management, LLC., and has served as its president and chairman.[1]

The Dreman fund family was eventually bought by Kemper, which was then bought by Scudder, which itself was bought by Deutsche Bank.[2] In 2009 his firm chose to hold on to banking stocks as they were crashing, in line with his contrarian value investing philosophy. As a result, his firm was removed from management of his flagship DWS Dreman High Return Equity Fund by the board of Deutsche Bank, citing weak performance.[2]


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