Deb Roy

Deb Roy

Deb Roy at an MIT faculty meeting, 2014
Born Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Institutions MIT, Bluefin Labs, Twitter
Alma mater MIT
University of Waterloo

Deb Roy is a tenured professor at MIT and is Chief Media Scientist of Twitter. A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Roy received his PhD in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT.[1] He directed the Cognitive Machines group[2] and now directs the Laboratory for Social Machines[3] at the MIT Media Lab where he conducts research on language, games, and social dynamics at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology. An author of over 100 academic papers[4] in machine learning, cognitive modeling, and human-machine interaction, his TED talk, Birth of a Word, (based on the 2006–2009 Human Speechome Project) has been viewed over 2.5 million times.[5]

In 2008, he co-founded and was the founding CEO of Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company, which MIT Technology Review named as one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2012.[6] Bluefin was acquired by Twitter in 2013.[7]

The Laboratory for Social Machines started in 2014 with an investment of $10 million from Twitter over a five year period.[8] The agreement also gives the lab access to all historical Twitter data and access to the firehose of all real-time tweets. The lab aims to "create new platforms for both individuals and institutions to identify, discuss, and act on pressing societal problems."[8]

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