Divisional Commissioner

Divisional Commissioner Hindi: मंडलायुक्त/प्रामंडलायुक्त is the administrative head of a division. The role of a Divisional Commissioner's office is to act as the supervisory head of all the State Government Offices (except the central government offices) situated in the division. This post is equivalent to Joint Secretary to Government of India.

A Divisional Commissioner may be given the direct responsibility of supervising the revenue and development administration of a division. Officers at this post are transferred and promoted by State Governments. This post exists in many states of India. Divisional Commissioner is responsible for administration and planned development of the districts under his control and also act as "Appeal Adalat" for revenue cases. In states like U.P., Divisional Commissioner have powers over Inspector General of Police and Deputy Inspector General of Police whereas in states like Maharashtra, Divisional Commissioner only enjoys revenue powers.

History of Divisional Commissioner

The Division as an administrative level came into being in 1829 as a result of increase in scope of operations corresponding to the expansion of British Territories.Each division was put under the charge of a Divisional Commissioner. This post was created by then the Bengal Government.The institution of Divisional Commissioner was created by Lord William Bentick


A division generally covers 3-5 districts each headed by a District Magistrate/District Collector/Deputy Commissioner, the number varying from state to state and from division to division within a state itself.

Powers of Divisional Commissioner[1]

Role of Divisional Commissioner[2]

  1. A channel of communication between the districts and state govt.
  2. Regional coordinating authority for technical departments.
  3. Provides help, guide and assistance to Deputy Commissioner
  4. Provides expert advice to headquarters

A Divisional Commissioner is assisted by some officers for carrying out day-to-day work in various fields:-

  1. Joint Development Commissioner
  2. Additional Commissioners of (Judicial), (Industries), (Administration), (Excise), (Labor), (Rural Development) and other wings.
  3. I.A.S or state civil services officers at district level reports only when ordered so by Divisional Commissioner.


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