Mohammed Amine Errafai

Mohammed Amine Errafai (born 8 February 1989) is a Moroccan road cyclist. Born in the city of Taza, he started cycling in 2010 and he wons many races in his region, he shine as a great and stronger cyclist in 2013/2014 when he moved to another club named "WAF" where he won multiple national races before he has been chosen to participate with the 3rd National Team in the 2014 Tour du Maroc.

The greatest event he had won in 2014 is The Throne Cup. In the National Championship Time Trial he finished in the 3rd place and in the National Road Championship he finished 13th.

Because of his great results, the Royal Moroccan Federation of Cycling choose him to participate with the 1st National Team at the 2014 UCI Road World Championships.

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