Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council

Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council
Sport Boxing
Abbreviation EPBC
Founded 2014
Affiliation World Boxing Council
Headquarters Seoul, Korea
Location Seoul, South Korea
President Alan Kim
Operating income Title match sanction fee
Sponsor None
Official website

The Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council also known as EPBC is an organisation for professional boxing in the Central Asia, Oceania, Pan Pacific, Eurasia and Southeast and Far East nations. It was formed in 2014 and is headquartered in Seoul[1]

WBC Affiliations

In 2016, WBC released an open letter, stating the following:[2]

"Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council is not a WBC Federation. It is only a committee affiliated with the WBC, ..."

"Any request for a new federation or commission to affiliate to the WBC is a matter that must be addressed by the WBC Board of Governors in the annual conventions of the WBC."

This open letter came about due to MBC claimed that they have secured affiliation with WBC.[3] However WBC shot the affiliation down and stated that MBC only has affiliation with EPBC and not WBC.[4]

Current EPBC title holders


Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Minimumweight Philippines Toto Landero[5] 18 February 2016
Light Flyweight Philippines Michael Enriquez[6] 6 June 2015
Flyweight Philippines Macrea Gandionco[7] 8 May 2015
Super Flyweight Philippines Eranio Semillano[8] 18 February 2016
Bantamweight Philippines Jeffrey Francisco[9] 4 May 2016
Super Bantamweight Philippines Joe Noynay [10] 5 June 2015
Featherweight Japan Takafumi Nakajima[11] 12 February 2016
Super Featherweight Kazakhstan Bekman Soylybayev[12] 14 May 2016
Lightweight Armenia Vage Sarukhanyan[13] 12 December 2015
Super Lightweight Armenia Manvel Sargsyan[14] 12 December 2015
Welterweight Australia Cameron Hammond [15] 8 November 2014
Super Welterweight Germany Florian Wildenhof 28 March 2015
Middleweight Albania Mike Keta[16] 19 July 2014
Super Middleweight Australia Bilal Akkawy[17] 26 February 2016
Light Heavyweight Germany Serdar Sahin[18] 26 February 2016
Cruiserweight Germany Firat Arslan[19] 7 November 2015
Heavyweight Russia Sergei Kuzmin[20] 8 April 2016

Notable Champions

Lucas Browne

Other regional WBC federations

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