Flèche du Sud

Flèche du Sud
Race details
Date May
Region Luxembourg
English name South Arrow
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1949 (1949)
Editions 67 (as of 2016)
First winner  Robert Bintz (LUX)
Most wins  Charly Gaul (LUX)
 Edy Schütz (LUX)
 Roger Gilson (LUX)
 Alf Segersäll (SWE)
 Jan Ostergaard (DEN)
 Lasse Bøchman (DEN)
(2 wins)
Most recent  Sérgio Sousa (POR)

The Flèche du Sud, is a road bicycle race held annually in Luxembourg. It is currently organised as a 2.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour.[1]


Rider Team
1949 Luxembourg Bintz, RobertRobert Bintz (LUX)
1951 Luxembourg Gaul, CharlyCharly Gaul (LUX)
1952 Luxembourg Ludwig, RogerRoger Ludwig (LUX)
1953 Luxembourg Gaul, CharlyCharly Gaul (LUX)
1954 Netherlands Gramser, WillyWilly Gramser (NED)
1955 Luxembourg Simon, ThéoThéo Simon (LUX)
1956 Netherlands van Grinsven, RienRien van Grinsven (NED)
1957 Luxembourg Jost, CamilleCamille Jost (LUX)
1958 Belgium Vanden Berghen, WillyWilly Vanden Berghen (BEL)
1959 Luxembourg Martinato, WalterWalter Martinato (LUX)
1960 Luxembourg Jacobs, BrunoBruno Jacobs (LUX)
1961 Germany Korte, AugustAugust Korte (GER)
1962 Belgium Manzo, NicolasNicolas Manzo (BEL)
1963 Luxembourg Schleck, JohnyJohny Schleck (LUX)
1964 Luxembourg Schütz, EdyEdy Schütz (LUX)
1965 Luxembourg Schütz, EdyEdy Schütz (LUX)
1966 Germany Czarnowski, OrtwinOrtwin Czarnowski (GER)
1967 Luxembourg Gilson, RogerRoger Gilson (LUX)
1968 France Boitrelle, GuyGuy Boitrelle (FRA)
1969 Luxembourg Gilson, RogerRoger Gilson (LUX)
1970 Switzerland Bürki, WalterWalter Bürki (SUI)
1971 Netherlands van Katwijk, FonsFons van Katwijk (NED)
1972 Germany Gaida, AlfredAlfred Gaida (GER)
1973 Luxembourg Kirchen, ErnyErny Kirchen (LUX)
1974 Netherlands van der Meer, JohanJohan van der Meer (NED)
1975 Italy Stiz, FaustoFausto Stiz (ITA)
1976 Italy Sacher, LucianoLuciano Sacher (ITA)
1977 Sweden Segersäll, AlfAlf Segersäll (SWE)
1978 Sweden Segersäll, AlfAlf Segersäll (SWE)
1979 Luxembourg Neiertz, ConnyConny Neiertz (LUX)
1980 Portugal da Silva, AcácioAcácio da Silva (POR)
1981 Switzerland Schneiter, Jean-LouisJean-Louis Schneiter (SUI)
1982 United Kingdom Martin, NeilNeil Martin (GBR)
1983 Switzerland Bölts, HartmutHartmut Bölts (SUI)
1984 Portugal da Silva, FrancisFrancis da Silva (POR)
1985 Netherlands Jennen, WimWim Jennen (NED)
1986 Netherlands Harmeling, RobRob Harmeling (NED)
1987 Germany Theisen, Hans-WernerHans-Werner Theisen (GER)
1988 Switzerland Nippen, LutzLutz Nippen (SUI)
1989 Switzerland Lanz, DanielDaniel Lanz (SUI)
1990 Switzerland Zülle, AlexAlex Zülle (SUI)
1991 Netherlands de Poel, RobertRobert de Poel (NED)
1992 Denmark Ostergaard, JanJan Ostergaard (DEN)
1993 Netherlands Nederlof, LexLex Nederlof (NED)
1994 Germany Lohr, WolfgangWolfgang Lohr (GER)
1995 Germany Diewald, KlausKlaus Diewald (GER)
1996 Netherlands Lotz, MarcMarc Lotz (NED)
1997 Italy Dante, DavidDavid Dante (ITA)
1998 Denmark Ostergaard, JanJan Ostergaard (DEN)
1999 Luxembourg Kirchen, KimKim Kirchen (LUX)
2000 Italy Cheula, GiampaoloGiampaolo Cheula (ITA)
2001 United Kingdom Wiggins, BradleyBradley Wiggins (GBR)
2002 Switzerland Weber, ChristianChristian Weber (SUI) Kewa Rad Team
2003 Switzerland Loosli, DavidDavid Loosli (SUI) Saeco Romers
2004 Luxembourg Schleck, AndyAndy Schleck (LUX) Luxembourg national team
2005 Germany Wiese, WolframWolfram Wiese (GER) ComNet-Senges
2006 United Kingdom Thomas, GeraintGeraint Thomas (GBR) Great Britain national team
2007 Russia Shpilevsky, BorisBoris Shpilevsky (RUS) Kio Ene-DMT
2008 Switzerland Wyss, MarcelMarcel Wyss (SUI) Atlas-Romer's Hausbäckerei
2009 Switzerland Zahner, SimonSimon Zahner (SUI) Bürgis Cycling
2010 Denmark Bøchman, LasseLasse Bøchman (DEN) Glud & Marstrand–LRØ Radgivning
2011 Denmark Bøchman, LasseLasse Bøchman (DEN) Glud & Marstrand–LRØ
2012 Luxembourg Jungels, BobBob Jungels (LUX) Leopard–Trek Continental Team
2013 Denmark Valgren, MichaelMichael Valgren (DEN) Team Cult Energy
2014 Belgium Bille, GaëtanGaëtan Bille (BEL) Verandas Willems
2015 Spain de la Parte, VíctorVíctor de la Parte (ESP) Team Vorarlberg
2016 Portugal Sousa, SérgioSérgio Sousa (POR) Team Vorarlberg


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