Football 5-a-side at the 2004 Summer Paralympics

Football 5-a-side
at the XII Paralympic Games

Paralympic football 5-a-side
VenueOlympic Hockey Centre
Dates18–28 September 2004
Competitors6 teams

Football 5-a-side at the 2004 Summer Paralympics took place at the Olympic Hockey Centre in Athens.[1]

Each team had four blind players and one sighted or visually impaired goalkeeper, with five substitutes allowed. Matches were 25 minutes each way. In the play-off matches, two ten-minute periods of extra time and a penalty shoot-out were added as necessary when the scores were tied. In the final, Brazil beat Argentina 3–2 in a shoot-out.[2]



1 Brazil550014:015 x2:03:01:04:04:0
2 Argentina540110:4120:2 x2:12:13:03:0
3 Spain52126:570:31:2 x0:02:03:0
4 Greece51226:650:11:20:0 x2:23:1
5 France51134:1240:40:30:22:2 x2:1
6 South Korea50052:1500:40:30:31:31:2 x

Final round

Gold medal match

Argentina  0 (2) – 0 (3) Brazil

Bronze medal match

Greece  0 – 2 Spain

Classification 5/6

France  3 – 1 South Korea

Team lists

Andreonni Rego
Fabio Vasconcelos
Sandro Soares
Mizael Oliveira
Joao Silva
Severino Silva
Anderson Fonseca
Nilson Silva
Marcos Felipe
Damiao Ramos
Gonsalo Abbas Hachache
Julio Ramirez
Lucas Rodriguez
Carlos Ivan Figueroa
Diego Cerega
Silvio Velo
Eduardo Diaz
Antonio Mendoza
Oscar Moreno
Dario Lencina
Antonio Martin
Vicente Aguilar
Marcelo Rosado
Gonzalo Largo
Alfredo Cuadrado
Jose Lopez Ramirez
Adolfo Acosta
Carmelo Garrido
Pedro Antonio Garcia Villa
Carlos Alvarez
Estratios Chatziapostolidis
Dimitris Ampatzis
Argyrios Triantafyllou
Paschalis Ampatzis
Ioannis Papnikolaou
Angelis Aslanoglou
Charalampos Tokatlidis
Dimos Zacharos
Georgios Alikaniotis
Christoforos Katsampalis
Cedric Moreau
Bouchaib El Boukhari
Frederic Villeroux
Marc Bolivard
Odile Gerfaut
Philippe Amaouche
Abderrahim Maya
Sebastien Munos
South Korea
Kim Kyoung Ho
You Myoung Goo
Lee Jin Won
Oh Yong Kyun
Park Meong Su
Yoon Jong Suk
Bae Gwang Yong
Lee Ok Hyeong
Lee Heung Joo
Lee Dae Won


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