Grand Prix of Sochi

For the 2014 Formula One race, see 2014 Russian Grand Prix.
Grand Prix of Sochi
Race details
Date April
Region Sochi, Russia
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 2005 (2005)
Editions 10 (as of 2015)
First winner  Alexander Khatuntsev (RUS)
Most wins No repeat winners
Most recent  Alexander Foliforov (RUS)

The Grand Prix of Sochi is a road cycling stage race held annually in Sochi, Russia. It was first run in 2005 and is part of the UCI Europe Tour as a 2.2 category race. No rider has had more than one victory.

Past winners

Rider Team
2005 Russia Khatuntsev, AlexanderAlexander Khatuntsev (RUS) Russia national team
2006 Russia Kolesnikov, SergeySergey Kolesnikov (RUS) Omnibike Dynamo Moscow
2007 Russia Shmidt, AlexeyAlexey Shmidt (RUS) Moscow Stars
2008 Germany Muller, DirkDirk Müller (GER) Team Sparkasse
2009 No race
2010 Ukraine Popkov, VitaliyVitaliy Popkov (UKR) ISD Continental Team
2011 Germany Schröder, BjörnBjörn Schröder (GER) Team Nutrixxion-Sparkasse
2012 Serbia Stević, IvanIvan Stević (SRB) Salcano-Arnavutkoy
2013 Ukraine Buts, VitaliyVitaliy Buts (UKR) Kolss Cycling Team
2014 Russia Zakarin, IlnurIlnur Zakarin (RUS) RusVelo
2015 Russia Foliforov, AlexanderAlexander Foliforov (RUS) RusVelo

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