Gay exorcism

Gay exorcisms (or homosexual exorcisms[1]), similar to demonic exorcisms, are where an exorcist evicts "homosexual demons"[2] or other spiritual entities from a LGBT individual. These exorcisms are intended to "remove" homosexuality from an individual. Some gay rights activists report these exorcisms occurring in modern times.[3][4]


Roland Stringfellow, a minister in California, said he had been subjected to anti-gay exorcism himself in the 1990s, which “caused nothing but shame and embarrassment”.[5]

In 2009 a case in Connecticut was recorded on video. A 16-year-old boy was beaten in a church for 20 minutes by a group of church leaders acting as exorcists shouting "sacraments" such as, "Pray out the gay!", and "Foul Queer, be not here!" . The video was later released on YouTube.[6][7][8]


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