Giro della Lunigiana

Giro della Lunigiana
Race details
Date Early-September
Region La Spezia, Liguria, Italy and Massa Carrara, Tuscany, Italy
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Junior Men
Type Stage race)
Organiser First Organizator was U.S. Vezzanese ( La Spezia ) since 1929 to 1949
First edition 1929 (1929)
Editions 36 (as of 2010)
First winner  Neri (ITA)
Most recent  Maxat Ayazbayev (KAZ)

Giro della Lunigiana it was a two days cicling competition ad, after 1975 it wasa four-day road bicycle race for junior men (age 17 and 18) in the historical territory Lunigiana (currently the provinces of La Spezia and Massa Carrara), Italy. The race, class 2.1 MJ on the UCI calendar, counts as a big event in the junior men category. Famous pro riders as Gilberto Simoni, Danilo Di Luca and Damiano Cunego won this race when they were juniors.


Giro della Lunigiana

Rider Team
2002 Italy Nibali, VincenzoVincenzo Nibali (ITA) {{{team}}}
2003 Italy Agnoli, ValerioValerio Agnoli (ITA) {{{team}}}
2004 Netherlands Ruijgh, RobRob Ruijgh (NLD) {{{team}}}
2005 Denmark Kvist, ThomasThomas Kvist (DEN) {{{team}}}
2006 Italy Ratto, DanieleDaniele Ratto (ITA) {{{team}}}
2007 Italy Cecchinel, GiorgioGiorgio Cecchinel (ITA) Veneto
2008 Austria Mair, StefanStefan Mair (AUT) Austrian National Team
2009 Italy Antonini, SimoneSimone Antonini (ITA) Italy National Team
2010 Kazakhstan Ayazbayev, MaxatMaxat Ayazbayev (KAZ) Kazakhstan National Team

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