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Goa Today is a monthly magazine published from Panjim, the state-capital of Goa, India, since 1966,[1][2] featuring news, literature and local issues.[3] Goa Today is considered the "grand-daddy" of all monthly magazines in Goa.[4] It was founded by former joint-editor of Navhind Times, Lambert Mascarenhas, who was awarded Gomant Vibhushan Award, the highest civilian award of Goa in 2014.[1]

The main problem facing the magazine in the 2010s is fostering enough advertising to meet publication costs.[4]

It was founded by Lambert Mascarenhas,[5][6] now a centurion.[4][7] Mascarenhas was followed as editor by Vaman Sardesai, who left in 1987 to become India's ambassador to Angola.[8] He was followed as editor by Manohar Shetty, the poet, who maintained the high standards and promoted Goan literature while keeping the balance between history, political issues and literature.[9] Vinayak Naik is the current editor.[4]

In the mid 1980s, Goa Today was purchased by the Salgaocar Mining Industries, now part of the V. M. Salgaocar group of companies, which also own the Salgaocar Football Club of Goa.[4]


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