Grand Prix Eddy Merckx

Grand Prix Eddy Merckx
Race details
Date Late-August
Region Brussels, Belgium
English name Grand Prix Eddy Merckx
Local name(s) Grand Prix Eddy Merckx (French)
Discipline Road race
Type Individual Time Trial
Team Time Trial
First edition 1980 (1980)
Editions 25
Final edition 2004
First winner Norway Knut Knudsen
Most wins Norway Knut Knudsen
Belgium Eric Vanderaerden
United Kingdom Chris Boardman
Spain Abraham Olano
Belgium Marc Wauters
Netherlands Erik Dekker
(2 wins)
Final winner Netherlands Thomas Dekker
Netherlands Koen de Kort

Grand Prix Eddy Merckx was a cycle race around Brussels, where Eddy Merckx was born. It was held between 1980 and 2004, disappearing after the creation of the UCI ProTour in 2005. The race was initially an individual time trial, becoming a Team time trial of two riders in 1998.


Rider Team
1980 Norway Knudsen, KnutKnut Knudsen (NOR)
1981 Norway Knudsen, KnutKnut Knudsen (NOR)
1982 Belgium Willems, DanielDaniel Willems (BEL)
1983 Belgium Vandenbroucke, Jean-LucJean-Luc Vandenbroucke (BEL)
1984 Belgium Criquielion, ClaudeClaude Criquielion (BEL)
1985 Belgium Vanderaerden, EricEric Vanderaerden (BEL)
1986 France Mottet, CharlyCharly Mottet (FRA)
1987 Belgium Vanderaerden, EricEric Vanderaerden (BEL)
1988 Belgium Hooydonck, Edwig VanEdwig Van Hooydonck (BEL)
1989 United Kingdom Yates, SeanSean Yates (GBR)
1990 Netherlands Maassen, FransFrans Maassen (NED)
1991 Netherlands Breukink, ErikErik Breukink (NED)
1992 Netherlands Nijdam, JelleJelle Nijdam (NED)
1993 United Kingdom Boardman, ChrisChris Boardman (GBR)
1994 Switzerland Rominger, TonyTony Rominger (SUI)
1995 Belgium Museeuw, JohanJohan Museeuw (BEL)
1996 United Kingdom Boardman, ChrisChris Boardman (GBR)
1997 Spain Olano, AbrahamAbraham Olano (ESP)
1998 Spain Olano, AbrahamAbraham Olano (ESP) (victory shared with Garcia, Jose VicenteJosé Vicente García)
1998 Spain Garcia, Jose VicenteJosé Vicente García (ESP) (victory shared with Olano, AbrahamAbraham Olano)
1999 Belgium Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters (BEL) (victory shared with Dekker, ErikErik Dekker)
1999 Netherlands Dekker, ErikErik Dekker (NED) (victory shared with Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters)
2000 United States Armstrong, LanceLance Armstrong (USA)
2000 Russia Ekimov, ViatcheslavViatcheslav Ekimov (RUS)
2001 Belgium Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters (BEL) (victory shared with Dekker, ErikErik Dekker)
2001 Netherlands Dekker, ErikErik Dekker (NED) (victory shared with Wauters, MarcMarc Wauters)
2002 Hungary Bodrogi, LaszloLászló Bodrogi (HUN) (victory shared with Cancellara, FabianFabian Cancellara)
2002 Switzerland Cancellara, FabianFabian Cancellara (SUI) (victory shared with Bodrogi, LaszloLászló Bodrogi)
2003 Germany Rich, MichaelMichael Rich (GER) (victory shared with Peschel, UweUwe Peschel)
2003 Germany Peschel, UweUwe Peschel (GER) (victory shared with Rich, MichaelMichael Rich)
2004 Netherlands Dekker, ThomasThomas Dekker (NED) (victory shared with Kort, Koen deKoen de Kort)
2004 Netherlands Kort, Koen deKoen de Kort (NED) (victory shared with Dekker, ThomasThomas Dekker)


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