Jack D. Schwager

Jack D. Schwager
Born 1948
Occupation Author,
Investment manager

Jack D. Schwager is a well-known author, fund manager and an industry expert in futures and hedge funds. He's published a number of books, such as Market Wizards.


He holds a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College (1970) and an MA in Economics from Brown University (1971).

He is currently the co-portfolio manager for the ADM Investor Services Diversified Strategies Fund, a portfolio of futures and FX managed accounts. He is also an adviser to Catalytic Investment Group Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based fund management company, for their multi-manager multi-strategy fund. Previously, Mr. Schwager was a partner in the Fortune Group, a London-based hedge fund advisory firm, which specialized in creating customized hedge fund portfolios for institutional clients. His prior experience includes 22 years as Director of Futures research for some of Wall Street’s leading firms and 10 years as the co-principal of a CTA.

Schwager has written extensively on the futures industry and great traders in all financial markets. He is perhaps best known for his best-selling series of interviews with the greatest hedge fund managers of the last two decades: Market Wizards (1989), The New Market Wizards (1992), and Stock Market Wizards (2001). The latest book in the series, Hedge Fund Market Wizards, was released in May 2012. Mr Schwager’s first book, A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets (1984) is considered to be one of the classic reference works in the field. He later revised and expanded this original work into the three-volume series, Schwager on Futures, consisting of Fundamental Analysis (1995), Technical Analysis (1996), and Managed Trading (1996). He is also the author of Getting Started in Technical Analysis (1999), part of John Wiley’s popular Getting Started series.

Schwager continues to innovate and develop new technical indicators. Three of his most recent proprietary tools include the Trend Weight (TW), Overbought/Oversold Weight (OOW) and the Directional Weight (DW) indicators. The Trend Weight combines short, intermediate and long-term trend signals into a single composite number. The OOW is intended to reflect when the trend may be getting extreme and more vulnerable to reversal. The OOW will build gradually (with opposite sign) as the trend progresses and is intended as a counterweight to TW. Finally, the Directional Weight (DW) is simply the addition of the TW and OOW. The DW will typically initially increase in an uptrending market but then begin to decrease as a growing OOW (of opposite sign) begins to outweigh further increases in TW. These are exclusively available in the 2013 release of the TradeShark software platform.[1] Detailed information on the TradeShark offerings can be found here: http://www.tradeshark.com/jack-schwager

Mr. Schwager is a frequent seminar speaker and has lectured on a range of analytical topics including the characteristics of great traders, investment fallacies, hedge fund portfolios, managed accounts, technical analysis, and trading system evaluation.



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