Jeffrey Vance

Jeffrey Vance
Born (1970-05-21) May 21, 1970
Cleveland, Ohio
Occupation film historian, writer

Jeffrey Vance (born May 21, 1970) is an American film historian and author who has published books on movie stars including Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.


While working as an archivist for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists he met Eleanor Keaton, Buster Keaton's widow, and began organizing her collection of photographs, leading to the illustrated biography Buster Keaton Remembered (2001).[1] He later served as archivist for the Chaplin family's Roy Export S.A.S.,[2] The Harold Lloyd Trust, and the Mary Pickford Foundation [3] where he has helped preserve both film and photographs from these important collections. As a producer, he packaged the Harold Lloyd Classic Comedies for Turner Classic Movies, later released to home video. As a filmmaker, he produced and directed the short subject Rediscovering John Gilbert (2010) which aired on cable television as well as released to home video.[4]



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