Karybdis (band)

Origin London, England, UK
Genres Melodic death metal, groove metal, thrash metal
Years active 2009–present
Labels Beasting Records
Associated acts Sylosis, Dethklok, Machine Head
Website www.karybdis.com
Members Rich O'Donnell
Pierre Dujardin
Harsha Dasari
Jay Gladwin
Mitch McGugan

Karybdis are a British heavy metal band from London, formed in 2009. They fuse death metal riffs with more melodic elements and incorporate atmospheric effects into their sound to create a unique heavy metal style. They are currently signed to Beasting Records and are soon to release their debut full-length album From the Depths.


The band's name is shared with a sea monster from Greek mythology which was said to be a spawner of whirlpools who together with Scylla created a smashing gauntlet of death from which few seafarers escaped.[1] On 4 July 2012 Karybdis played an album release show at The Purple Turtle in London to celebrate the release of their debut album From The Depths.[2]




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