Connie Mak Kit-man

Not to be confused with Connie Mack, the male baseball manager.
Connie Mak Kit-man
Chinese name 麥潔文 (traditional)
Chinese name 麦洁文 (simplified)
Pinyin Mài Jiéwén (Mandarin)
Jyutping Mak6 Kit3 Man6 (Cantonese)
Other name(s) Connie Mak, Kitman Mak
Occupation Singer and actor
Spouse(s) Kwong Wa
Children 1 son, 1 daughter

Connie Mak Kit-man (born c.1955; Chinese: 麥潔文; Jyutping: Mak6 Kit3 Man6), also called Connie Mak and Kitman Mak, is the Hong Kong singer and actress. In 1977, she was the contestant of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant but did not win the title.[1] She made albums for primarily Crown Records (娛樂唱片) and Cinepoly Records. Some of her songs are heard in Cantonese-language series and films. In 1983, Mak recorded "Rhine River Romance" (萊茵河之戀), lyricized by Cheng Kwok-kong (鄭國江) and composed by Joseph Koo. Hong Kong University professor, Stephen Chu (朱耀偉), called the song a fairy tale feeling.[2] In 1989, she sang "Years of Silence" (歲月無聲), lyricized by Lau Zeuk Fai (劉卓輝) and composed by the Beyond band member Wong Ka Kui,[3] before the rock band Beyond re-recorded it in a rockier style.[4]

She is married to actor Kwong Wa since December 19, 1992, with a son and a daughter.[1]


Unless noted, the following albums are Cantonese. English translations are unofficial. Compilations that do not contain newly released songs are omitted.

HTA Records (香泰統一唱片, HTA統一唱片)

Crown Records (娛樂唱片)

Cinepoly Records

World Record International (世紀)

Forward Music Hong Kong (豐華唱片)


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