Koh-e-Murad (Balochi: كوه مراد) is a shrine, which is located in Turbat, Baluchistan, Pakistan. This location is a sacred site for Zikris where prayers have been offered since over five centuries. Zikris,an offshooot of Mahdavia one among the 72 sects of Islam, called it Ziarat sharif, Zikris, think that their Mahdi Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri, camped here for several months while proceeding from Thatta to Farah. On 27th Ramadan 908 Hijri,following the Divine command, he, along with his traveling family members and companions, offered two Raka'as Thanksgiving Prayers at Koh-e-Murad (Mount of Desire). This obligatory prayer was led by him followed by his thousands of local followers. Before his death in Afghan province Farah, he along with his companions and followers also offered this special thanksgiving prayers "Dougana Laylat ul Qadr",in 909 and 910. Since then all the members of Mahdavia Muslim Community and Zikris under the leadership of their Murshid (Spiritual guides), regularly offer this annual thanksgiving prayer, also known as "Dougana" Laylat ul Qadr,with all religious fervor, pomp and gaiety,only to offer their humble thanks to Allah Who blessed this night of Value, Might and Destiny by the virtue of their Imam Mahdi Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri.

The members of Zikri sect gather here at the twenty-seventh night of Ramadan for ziyarat - to a shrine dedicated to their Mahdi in an event also called the Choghan in local Balochi language.

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