Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai

Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai

DVD Cover
Directed by V. Sekhar
Produced by S. S. Durai Raju
K. Parthiban
Written by V. Sekhar
Music by Deva
Cinematography P. S. Selvam
Edited by A. P. Manivannan
Thiruvalluvar Kalaikoodam
Release dates
  • 15 July 2000 (2000-07-15)
Running time
155 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai is a 2000 Tamil comedy-drama film directed by V. Sekhar. The film features Nassar, Kushboo, Karan, Roja, Vadivelu and Kovai Sarala in lead roles. The film had musical score by Deva and was released on 15 July 2000.[1][2][3][4][5] The film was remade in Kannada as Jenu Goodu by S. Umesh with Devaraj and Kumar Govind.[6]


Thangaraj (Nasser) is an innocent man from a middle class family and his family consists of his wife Meenakshi (Kushboo), and daughter Padma (Kavitha). Boxer Krishnan (Vadivelu), an irresponble person with dreams of making big in politics is Thangaraj’s younger brother and is married to Kanagavalli (Kovai Sarala). Sivaraman (Karan) is Thangaraj’s youngest brother and is educated well and works in the same company where Thangaraj works which is owned by Valluvardasan (Vijayakumar).

They all live in a single house as a joint family. Thangaraj and Meenakshi were responsible for bringing up Sivaraman and they consider him as their own son. The family’s financial status improves as Sivaraman earns well. Valluvardasan is impressed seeing Sivaraman’s character and decides to get his daughter Tamilselvi (Roja) married to him despite they belong to lower societal status. He also likes Thangaraj’s joint family.

Initially Kanagavalli remains sceptical about Tamilselvi as she is from a rich family and believes that she will not mingle with other family members. But Tamilselvi is kind hearted and she respects everyone in the family without any ego. Meanwhile Sivaraman’s behaviour changes as he thinks that he is the major bread winner for the family and he wants other familu members to obey him. This brings up frequent quarrels between Krishnan and Sivaraman as Sivaraman does not like Krishnan being idle at home with political aspirations.

Dhandapani (Vivek) is a neighbour of Thangaraj and he falls in love with Padma. Getting to know about the love affair, Thangaraj decides to get them married. But Dhandapani’s father Veerapandi (Thiyagu) demands huge dowry. Thangaraj and Krishnan accepts for the dowry with the hope that Sivaraman will provide the money. Sivaraman gets furious knowing this and he does not agree to give money and these result in clash between the family members. Meenakshi feels bad as Sivaraman’s priority has changed to money and she decides to leave the house with her daughter. Thangaraj also leaves the home along with her.

Tamilselvi comes to know that it was Thangaraj and Meenakshi who tried hard to educate Sivaraman and understands that it is his turn to help them in return. Tamilselvi worries that joint family has parted ways now and she tries to unite them. She meets Meenakshi and apologizes for her husband’s behaviour and she offers the money needed for the wedding of Padma. But Thangaraj does not accept this and instead he gets furious seeing Tamilselvi as he believes that Sivaraman has changed a lot after earning money.

Sivaraman picks up quarrerl with his wife Tamilselvi after knowing that she has met Meenakshi and Kanagavalli. Also Thangaraj doesnot like Meenakshi making friendship with Tamiliselvi and he is not interested to get his daughter Padma married to Dhandapani as he does not want to depend on Tamilselvi’s help. But Meenakshi, Kanagavalli and Tamilselvi join together and conduct the marriage between Padma and Dhandapani. Finally Thangaraj’s co workers join with him and protest against Sivaraman where he gets beaten up. Sivaraman realizes his mistake and apologizes to his family members. Finally everyone again move as a joint family.


  • Nassar as Thangaraj
  • Kushboo as Meenakshi
  • Karan as Sivaraman
  • Roja as Thamizhselvi
  • Vadivelu as Boxer Krishnan
  • Kovai Sarala as Kanagavalli
  • Vivek as Dhandapani
  • Thyagu as Veerapandi
  • Kavitha as Padma
  • Vijayakumar as Valluvardasan
  • Suryakanth as Opposition party member
  • Pandi as Boxer Krishnan's son
  • Master Udayaraj as Boxer Krishnan's son
  • Bonda Mani as Boxer Krishnan's assistant
  • Ganeshkar as Boxer Krishnan's assistant


Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai
Soundtrack album by Deva
Released 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 25:17
Producer Deva

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Deva. The soundtrack, released in 2000, features 5 tracks with lyrics written by Muthulingam, Kalidasan, Kamakodiyan and Palani Bharathi.[7][8]

Track Song Singer(s) Duration
1 'Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi' S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chithra 5:08
2 'Enga Veettu Kalyanam' S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chithra 5:07
3 'Engal Thamizh Selvi' K. S. Chithra, Chorus 4:55
4 'Happy 2000' Mano, Chorus 4:57
5 'Singara Chennaiyile' Deva, Chorus 5:10


S. R. Ashok Kumar of Hindu.com gave the film a mixed review and said : "The film begins brightly but falls flat in the second half".[4]


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