Les Challenges de la Marche Verte

Les Challenges de la Marche Verte
Race details
Region Morocco
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Africa Tour
Type Three One-day races
First edition 2010 (2010)
Editions 5 (as of 2015)

The Les Challenges de la Marche Verte is a series of One-day races held annually since 2010 in Morocco. It consists of three One-day races; GP Sakia El Hamra,[1] GP Oued Eddahab[2] and GP Al Massira,[3] each rated 1.2 and is part of UCI Africa Tour.

Winners – GP Sakia El Hamra

Rider Team
2010 Morocco Lahsaini, MouhssineMouhssine Lahsaini (MAR)
2012 Morocco Chaoufi, TarikTarik Chaoufi (MAR)
2013 Morocco Abelouache, EssaïdEssaïd Abelouache (MAR)
2014 Morocco Abelouache, EssaïdEssaïd Abelouache (MAR)
2015 Morocco Mraouni, Salah EddineSalah Eddine Mraouni (MAR)

Winners – GP Oued Eddahab

Rider Team
2010 Morocco Saadoune, AbdelatiAbdelati Saadoune (MAR)
2012 Latvia Smirnovs, AndrisAndris Smirnovs (LAT) Rietumu-Delfin
2013 Morocco Jelloul, AdilAdil Jelloul (MAR)
2014 Morocco Lahsaini, MouhssineMouhssine Lahsaini (MAR)
2015 Morocco Abelouache, EssaïdEssaïd Abelouache (MAR)

Winners – GP Al Massira

Rider Team
2010 Morocco Chaoufi, TarikTarik Chaoufi (MAR)
2012 Morocco Ayoune, IsmailIsmail Ayoune (MAR)
2013 Morocco Ayoune, IsmailIsmail Ayoune (MAR)
2014 Belarus Aleksiev, AleksandarAleksandar Aleksiev (BLR)
2015 Morocco Saadoune, AbdelatiAbdelati Saadoune (MAR)


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