List of African golfers

Members of the World Golf Hall of Fame are annotated HoF.

Player Country Born Died
Abery, WarrenWarren Abery  South Africa 1973
Aiken, ThomasThomas Aiken  South Africa 1983
Alberts, HenkHenk Alberts  South Africa 1975
Allem, FultonFulton Allem  South Africa 1957
Baiocchi, HughHugh Baiocchi  South Africa 1946
Bland, JohnJohn Bland  South Africa 1945
Botes, DesvondeDesvonde Botes  South Africa 1974
Bothma, MichielMichiel Bothma  South Africa 1973
Brews, SidSid Brews  South Africa 1899 1972
Britz, TienieTienie Britz  South Africa 1945
Buhrmann, HendrikHendrik Buhrmann  South Africa 1963
Cayeux, MarcMarc Cayeux  Zimbabwe 1978
Charamba, TongoonaTongoona Charamba  Zimbabwe 1982
Claassen, J. G.J. G. Claassen  South Africa 1991
Clark, TimTim Clark  South Africa 1975
Coetzee, GeorgeGeorge Coetzee  South Africa 1986
Cole, BobbyBobby Cole  South Africa 1948
Cruse, AndreAndre Cruse  South Africa 1965
de Jager, LouisLouis de Jager  South Africa 1987
de Jonge, BrendonBrendon de Jonge  Zimbabwe 1980
Dodds, TrevorTrevor Dodds  Namibia 1959
Els, ErnieErnie Els HoF  South Africa 1969
Fichardt, DarrenDarren Fichardt  South Africa 1975
Fisher Jnr, TrevorTrevor Fisher Jnr  South Africa 1979
Fourie, DionDion Fourie  South Africa 1975
Fourie, JohnJohn Fourie  South Africa 1939
Frost, DavidDavid Frost  South Africa 1959
Goosen, RetiefRetief Goosen  South Africa 1969
Grace, BrandenBranden Grace  South Africa 1988
Groenewald, VaughnVaughn Groenewald  South Africa 1974
Haig, AntonAnton Haig  South Africa 1986
Haindl, AlexAlex Haindl  South Africa 1983
Hassanein, HassanHassan Hassanein  Egypt 1916 1957
Hawkes, JeffJeff Hawkes  South Africa 1953
Hayes, DaleDale Hayes  South Africa 1952
Henning, AllanAllan Henning  South Africa 1944
Henning, HaroldHarold Henning  South Africa 1934 2004
Hobday, JustinJustin Hobday  South Africa 1963
Hobday, SimonSimon Hobday  South Africa 1940
Horne, KeithKeith Horne  South Africa 1971
Hugo, JeanJean Hugo  South Africa 1975
Hutchings, IanIan Hutchings  Zimbabwe 1968
Hutchinson, DenisDenis Hutchinson  Zimbabwe 1932
Immelman, TrevorTrevor Immelman  South Africa 1979
James, DerekDerek James  South Africa 1960
Johnstone, TonyTony Johnstone  Zimbabwe 1956
Kamte, JamesJames Kamte  South Africa 1982
Kamungeremu, NashoNasho Kamungeremu  Zimbabwe c.1973 2007
Kaplan, RichardRichard Kaplan  South Africa 1962
Karmis, PeterPeter Karmis  South Africa 1981
Kingston, JamesJames Kingston  South Africa 1965
Kruger, Jbe'Jbe' Kruger  South Africa 1986
Lassen, WernerWerner Lassen  Namibia 1974
Lebbie, JamesJames Lebbie  Sierra Leone 19??
Legrange, CobieCobie Legrange  South Africa 1942
Levenson, GavanGavan Levenson  South Africa 1953
Liddle, BrettBrett Liddle  South Africa 1970
Lile, CraigCraig Lile  South Africa 1976
Lincoln, BobbyBobby Lincoln  South Africa 1953
Little, SallySally Little  South Africa
 United States
Locke, BobbyBobby Locke HoF  South Africa 1917 1987
Maritz, MartinMartin Maritz  South Africa 1977
Mashego, JohnJohn Mashego  South Africa 1951
McGuigan, DougDoug McGuigan  South Africa 1970
McLardy, AndrewAndrew McLardy  South Africa 1974
McNulty, MarkMark McNulty  Zimbabwe
Moore, TitchTitch Moore  South Africa 1976
Mulroy, GarthGarth Mulroy  South Africa 1978
Murless, MarkMark Murless  South Africa 1976
Muthiya, MadalitsoMadalitso Muthiya  Zambia 1983
Okello, JacobJacob Okello  Kenya 1968
Oosthuizen, LouisLouis Oosthuizen  South Africa 1982
Otto, HennieHennie Otto  South Africa 1976
Pace, Lee-AnneLee-Anne Pace  South Africa 1981
Palmer, IanIan Palmer  South Africa 1957
Pappas, BrendenBrenden Pappas  South Africa 1970
Pappas, DeaneDeane Pappas  South Africa 1967
Pappas, SeanSean Pappas  South Africa 1966 2015
Pieters, BrandonBrandon Pieters  South Africa 1976
Pistorius, AlbertAlbert Pistorius  South Africa 1981
Player, GaryGary Player HoF  South Africa 1935
Price, NickNick Price HoF  Zimbabwe 1957
Roestoff, AshleyAshley Roestoff  South Africa 1963
Sabbatini, RoryRory Sabbatini  South Africa 1976
Sandys, OmarOmar Sandys  South Africa 1976
Schwartzel, CharlCharl Schwartzel  South Africa 1984
Sewgolum, SewsunkerSewsunker Sewgolum  South Africa 1930 1978
Shean, KelliKelli Shean  South Africa 1987
Simon, AshleighAshleigh Simon  South Africa 1989
Spangenberg, TheunisTheunis Spangenberg  South Africa 1983
Sterne, RichardRichard Sterne  South Africa 1981
Terblanche, DesDes Terblanche  South Africa 1965
Tipping, RyanRyan Tipping  South Africa 1980
Tshabalala, VincentVincent Tshabalala  South Africa 1942
van Aswegen, TyroneTyrone van Aswegen  South Africa 1982
van den Berg, UlrichUlrich van den Berg  South Africa 1975
van der Walt, TjaartTjaart van der Walt  South Africa 1974
van Rensburg, NicoNico van Rensburg  South Africa 1966
van Vuuren, SteveSteve van Vuuren  South Africa 1959
van Zyl, JacoJaco van Zyl  South Africa 1979
Vaughan, BradfordBradford Vaughan  South Africa 1975
Verwey, BobbyBobby Verwey  South Africa 1941
Walters, JustinJustin Walters  South Africa 1980
Watson, DenisDenis Watson  Zimbabwe 1955
Wessels, RogerRoger Wessels  South Africa 1961
Westner, WayneWayne Westner  South Africa 1961
Whitelaw, ClintonClinton Whitelaw  South Africa 1970
Williams, ChrisChris Williams  South Africa 1959
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