List of Indonesian football transfers 2010–11

This is a list of Indonesian football transfers for the sale in 2010–11 season. Only moves from Indonesia Super League and Liga Indonesia Premier Division are listed.

The 2010-11 transfer window

Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
5-09-2010 Morocco Redouane Barkaoui Indonesia Pelita Jaya Indonesia Persela Lamongan [1]
30-08-2010 Indonesia Leonard Tupamahu Indonesia Persija Jakarta Indonesia Arema Indonesia [2]
25-08-2010 Indonesia Ahmad Amiruddin Indonesia Persiram Raja Ampat Indonesia Arema Indonesia [3]
23-08-2010 Indonesia Achmad Kurniawan Indonesia Semen Padang Indonesia Arema Indonesia [4]
15-08-2010 Indonesia Muhammad Jaenal Ichwan Indonesia Persema Malang Indonesia Persela Lamongan [5]
09-08-2010 Indonesia Irfan Bachdim Free agent Indonesia Persema Malang Free[6]
07-08-2010 Indonesia Eka Santika Indonesia Pro Titan FC Indonesia Persiba Balikpapan [7]


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