List of United States Senators born outside the United States

This is a list of United States Senators born outside the United States. It includes Senators born outside the United States, Senators born to American parents outside the United States, and Senators born in territories outside the United States that were later incorporated into the United States.

Name Birthplace
(current country)
State(s) represented Party Years
David H. Armstrong  Canada[lower-alpha 1] Missouri Democratic 1877–1879
David Baird Northern Ireland Northern Ireland[lower-alpha 2] New Jersey Republican 1918–1919
Edward Baker  England Oregon Republican 1860–1861
James B. Beck  Scotland Kentucky Democratic 1877–1890
Judah P. Benjamin  U.S. Virgin Islands[lower-alpha 3] Louisiana Whig 1853–1859
Democratic 1859–1861
Michael Bennet  India Colorado Democratic 2009–present
Rudy Boschwitz  Germany Minnesota Republican 1978–1991
Pierce Butler  Ireland South Carolina Pro-Administration 1789–1791
Anti-Administration 1791–1795
Democratic-Republican 1795–1796, 1802–1804
Campbell, George W.George W. Campbell  Scotland Tennessee Democratic-Republican 1811–1814, 1815–1818
Eugene Casserly  Ireland California Democratic 1869–1873
John Conness  Ireland California Democratic 1863–1869
James Couzens  Canada Michigan Republican 1922–1936
Ted Cruz  Canada Texas Republican 2013 - Present
James J. Davis  Wales Pennsylvania Republican 1930–1945
Charles E. Dudley  England New York Jacksonian Democrat 1829–1833
James Graham Fair  Northern Ireland[lower-alpha 2] Nevada Democratic 1881–1887
Eligius Fromentin  France Louisiana Democratic-Republican 1813–1819
Albert Gallatin   Switzerland Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican 1793–1794[lower-alpha 4]
Jacob Harold Gallinger  Canada[lower-alpha 5] New Hampshire Republican 1891–1918
Frank R. Gooding  England Idaho Republican 1921–1928
William Harper  Antigua and Barbuda[lower-alpha 6] South Carolina Jacksonian Democrat 1826
Sam Hayakawa  Canada California Republican 1977–1983
Mazie Hirono  Japan Hawaii Democratic 2013–present
William Hughes  Ireland New Jersey Democratic 1913–1918
James Jackson  England Georgia Anti-Administration 1793–1795
Democratic-Republican 1801–1806
Magnus Johnson  Sweden Minnesota Farmer-Labor 1923–1925
Charles W. Jones  Ireland Florida Democratic 1875–1887
John P. Jones  Ireland Florida Democratic 1873–1903
Charles W. Jones  England Nevada Republican 1873–1895
Silver 1895–1901
Thomas Kearns  Canada Utah Republican 1901–1905
Octaviano Larrazolo  Mexico New Mexico Republican 1928–1929
John Laurance  England New York Federalist 1796–1800
William Lorimer  England Illinois Republican 1909–1912
Walter Lowrie  Scotland Pennsylvania Democratic-Republican 1819–1825
Stephen Mallory  Trinidad and Tobago[lower-alpha 7] Florida Democratic 1851–1861
Lee Mantle  England Montana Republican 1895–1899
Mel Martinez  Cuba Florida Republican 2005–2009
John McCain  Panama[lower-alpha 8] Arizona Republican 1987–present
James McMillan  Canada[lower-alpha 5] Michigan Republican 1889–1902
Joseph Millard  Canada[lower-alpha 5] Nebraska Republican 1901–1907
Robert Morris  England Pennsylvania Pro-Administration 1789–1795
John Moses  Norway North Dakota Democratic 1945
Knute Nelson  Norway Minnesota Republican 1895–1923
Samuel D. Nicholson  Canada[lower-alpha 9] Colorado Republican 1921–1923
Samuel Pasco  England Florida Democratic 1887–1899
William Paterson  Northern Ireland[lower-alpha 2] New Jersey Pro-Administration 1789–90
Thomas M. Patterson  Ireland Colorado Democratic 1901–1907
Alexander Porter  Ireland Louisiana Whig 1833–1837
Edward V. Robertson  Wales Wyoming Republican 1943–1947
Carl Schurz  Germany[lower-alpha 10] Missouri Republican 1869–1875
Sewell, William JoyceWilliam Joyce Sewell  Ireland New Jersey Republican 1881–1887, 1895–1901
Shields, JamesJames Shields  Northern Ireland Illinois
Democratic 1849–1855
Simon, JosephJoseph Simon  Germany[lower-alpha 11] Oregon Republican 1898–1903
Soulé, PierrePierre Soulé  France Louisiana Republican 1847, 1849–1853
Stephenson, IsaacIsaac Stephenson  Canada[lower-alpha 12] Wisconsin Republican 1907–1915
Sullivan, Patrick JosephPatrick Joseph Sullivan  Ireland Wyoming Republican 1929–1930
Sutherland, GeorgeGeorge Sutherland  England Utah Republican 1905–1917
Taggart, ThomasThomas Taggart  Ireland Indiana Democratic 1916
Tiffin, EdwardEdward Tiffin  England Ohio Democratic-Republican 1807–1809
Wagner, Robert FerdinandRobert Ferdinand Wagner  Germany New York Democratic 1927–1949
Walsh, PatrickPatrick Walsh  Ireland Georgia Democratic 1894–1895
Yulee, David LevyDavid Levy Yulee  U.S. Virgin Islands[lower-alpha 13] Florida Democratic 1845–1851, 1855–1861

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  1. Born in the British colony of Nova Scotia, in present-day Canada.
  2. 1 2 3 Born in County Londonderry, Ireland, at the time part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
  3. Born in the British colony of Saint Croix, in what is now the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  4. Gallatin won election to the Senate in 1793, and took the oath of office, but on the same day a petition was filed by nineteen Pennsylvania Federalists protesting that Gallatin did not have the minimum nine years of citizenship required to be a Senator. After two months of deliberation, the matter went before a Senate vote where Gallatin was removed from the Senate with a party-line vote of 14–12.
  5. 1 2 3 Born in the British colony of Upper Canada, in present-day Canada.
  6. Born in the British colony of Antigua, in what is now the independent country of Antigua and Barbuda.
  7. Born in the British colony of Trinidad, in present-day Trinidad and Tobago.
  8. Born in the Panama Canal Zone, a U.S. territory in present-day Panama.
  9. Born in the British colony of Prince Edward Island, in present-day Canada.
  10. Born in the Kingdom of Prussia, in present-day Germany.
  11. Born in the Grand Duchy of Hesse, in present-day Germany.
  12. Born in the British colony of New Brunswick, in present-day Canada.
  13. Born in the British colony of Saint Thomas, in what is now the U.S. Virgin Islands.


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