List of elite cyclists at the 2008 UCI Road World Championships

2008 UCI Road World Championships

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This is a list of the elite cyclists who competed at the 2008 UCI Road World Championships in Varese, Italy from 23–28 September 2008. For elite riders there were four events, for both men and women an individual time trial and a road race.[1]

List of cyclists

DNF = did not finish; DQ = disqualified
The table is sorted alphabetically by nation and given name. To sort differently, click on the arrows.

Gerardo Luis FernandezArgentinaMen's road race
Juan Pablo DottiArgentinaMen's road race
Adam HansenAustraliaMen's road race
Adam HansenAustraliaMen's time trial34
Allan DavisAustraliaMen's road race
Matthew GossAustraliaMen's road race
Matthew LloydAustraliaMen's road race
Michael RogersAustraliaMen's road race
Michael RogersAustraliaMen's time trial12
Robbie McEwenAustraliaMen's road race
Simon GerransAustraliaMen's road race
Trent LoweAustraliaMen's road race
William WalkerAustraliaMen's road race
Christian PfannbergerAustriaMen's road race8
Stefan RuckerAustriaMen's road race
Thomas RohreggerAustriaMen's road race
Andrei KunitskiBelarusMen's time trial27
Vasil KiryienkaBelarusMen's time trial18
Yauheni HutarovichBelarusMen's road race
Greg Van AvermaetBelgiumMen's road race
Jurgen Van GoolenBelgiumMen's road race
Kevin De WeertBelgiumMen's road race
Leif HosteBelgiumMen's time trial33
Mario AertsBelgiumMen's road race
Maxime MonfortBelgiumMen's road race
Nick NuyensBelgiumMen's road race9
Philippe GilbertBelgiumMen's road race
Stijn DevolderBelgiumMen's road race
Stijn DevolderBelgiumMen's time trial6
Tom BoonenBelgiumMen's road race
Krasimir VasilevBulgariaMen's road race
Stefan HristovBulgariaMen's road race
Christian MeierCanadaMen's road race
Dominique RollinCanadaMen's road race
Michael BarryCanadaMen's road race
Svein TuftCanadaMen's time trial2
Félix CárdenasColombiaMen's road race
Félix CárdenasColombiaMen's time trial39
Leonardo DuqueColombiaMen's road race
Mauricio SolerColombiaMen's road race
Mauricio SolerColombiaMen's time trialDNF
Henry RaabeCosta RicaMen's road race
Henry RaabeCosta RicaMen's time trial48
Hrvoje MiholjevićCroatiaMen's road race
Matija KvasinaCroatiaMen's road race
Vladimir MiholjevićCroatiaMen's road race
František RaboňCzech RepublicMen's road race
František RaboňCzech RepublicMen's time trial38
Martin MarešCzech RepublicMen's road race
Roman KreuzigerCzech RepublicMen's road race
Anders LundDenmarkMen's road race
Chris Anker SørensenDenmarkMen's road race
Frank HøjDenmarkMen's road race
Jakob FuglsangDenmarkMen's road race
Lars BakDenmarkMen's road race
Lars BakDenmarkMen's time trial19
Matti BreschelDenmarkMen's road race3
Michael BlaudzunDenmarkMen's time trial24
Erki PütsepEstoniaMen's road race
Janek TombakEstoniaMen's road race
Rein TaaramäeEstoniaMen's road race
Rein TaaramäeEstoniaMen's time trial29
Tanel KangertEstoniaMen's time trial31
Kjell CarlströmFinlandMen's road race
Matti HelminenFinlandMen's road race
Matti HelminenFinlandMen's time trial52
Amaël MoinardFranceMen's road race
Christophe Le MévelFranceMen's road race
Geoffroy LequatreFranceMen's road race
Jérôme CoppelFranceMen's time trial42
Jérôme PineauFranceMen's road race
John GadretFranceMen's road race
Nicolas VogondyFranceMen's road race
Sandy CasarFranceMen's road race
Stéphane AugéFranceMen's road race
Sylvain ChavanelFranceMen's road race
Sylvain ChavanelFranceMen's time trial10
André GreipelGermanyMen's road race
Bert GrabschGermanyMen's time trial1
Christian KneesGermanyMen's road race
Erik ZabelGermanyMen's road race
Fabian WegmannGermanyMen's road race7
Gerald CiolekGermanyMen's road race
Marcus BurghardtGermanyMen's road race
Markus FothenGermanyMen's road race
Sebastian LangGermanyMen's road race
Stefan SchumacherGermanyMen's road race
Tony MartinGermanyMen's time trial7
Chris FroomeGreat BritainMen's road race
David MillarGreat BritainMen's road race
David MillarGreat BritainMen's time trial9
Geraint ThomasGreat BritainMen's road race
Ian StannardGreat BritainMen's road race
Russell DowningGreat BritainMen's road race
Steve CummingsGreat BritainMen's road race
Steve CummingsGreat BritainMen's time trial25
Gergely IvanicsHungaryMen's road race
Péter KusztorHungaryMen's road race
Rida CadorHungaryMen's road race
Zoltán MadarasHungaryMen's time trial54
Nicolas RocheIrelandMen's road race
Philip DeignanIrelandMen's road race
Roger AikenIrelandMen's road race
Alessandro BallanItalyMen's road race1
Andrea TontiItalyMen's road race
Damiano CunegoItalyMen's road race2
Davide RebellinItalyMen's road race4
Gabriele BosisioItalyMen's road race
Luca PaoliniItalyMen's road race
Manuel QuinziatoItalyMen's time trial14
Marco PinottiItalyMen's time trial13
Marzio BruseghinItalyMen's road race
Matteo TosattoItalyMen's road race
Paolo BettiniItalyMen's road race
Hidenori NoderaJapanMen's road race
Kazuo InoueJapanMen's road race
Yukiya ArashiroJapanMen's road race
Alexsandr DyachenkoKazakhstanMen's road race
Andrey ZeitsKazakhstanMen's time trial47
Assan BazayevKazakhstanMen's road race
Dmitriy MuravyevKazakhstanMen's road race
Roman KireyevKazakhstanMen's time trial45
Eugen WackerKyrgyzstanMen's time trial23
Aleksejs SaramotinsLatviaMen's road race
Normunds LasisLatviaMen's road race
Oļegs MeļehsLatviaMen's road race
Raivis BelohvoščiksLatviaMen's time trial46
Ignatas KonovalovasLithuaniaMen's road race
Ignatas KonovalovasLithuaniaMen's time trial37
Andy SchleckLuxembourgMen's road race
Benoît JoachimLuxembourgMen's road race
Benoît JoachimLuxembourgMen's time trial49
Christian PoosLuxembourgMen's road race
Claude WolterLuxembourgMen's road race
Fränk SchleckLuxembourgMen's road race
Jempy DruckerLuxembourgMen's road race
Laurent DidierLuxembourgMen's road race
Steve FogenLuxembourgMen's road race
Vincenzo CentroneLuxembourgMen's road race
Luis MacíasMexicoMen's road race
Ruslan IvanovMoldovaMen's time trial43
Adil JelloulMorrocMen's road race
Dan CravenNamibiaMen's time trial51
Bram TankinkNetherlandsMen's road race
Karsten KroonNetherlandsMen's road race
Koos MoerenhoutNetherlandsMen's road race
Maarten TjallingiiNetherlandsMen's road race
Marc de MaarNetherlandsMen's road race
Robert GesinkNetherlandsMen's road race10
Sebastian LangeveldNetherlandsMen's road race
Stef ClementNetherlandsMen's time trial22
Steven de JonghNetherlandsMen's road race
Tom StamsnijderNetherlandsMen's road race
Glen ChadwickNew ZealandMen's road race
Julian DeanNew ZealandMen's road race
Edvald Boasson HagenNorwayMen's road race
Edvald Boasson HagenNorwayMen's time trial21
Kurt Asle ArvesenNorwayMen's road race
Lars Petter NordhaugNorwayMen's road race
Dariusz BaranowskiPolandMen's road race
Hubert KrysPolandMen's road race
Łukasz BodnarPolandMen's road race
Łukasz BodnarPolandMen's time trial28
Maciej BodnarPolandMen's road race
Maciej BodnarPolandMen's time trial36
Marek RutkiewiczPolandMen's road race
Przemysław NiemiecPolandMen's road race
José MendesPortugalMen's road race
Nelson VictorinoPortugalMen's road race
Nuno RibeiroPortugalMen's road race
Ricardo MestrePortugalMen's road race
Sérgio PaulinhoPortugalMen's road race
Tiago MachadoPortugalMen's road race
Gabriel Sorin PopRomaniaMen's time trial56
George-Daniel AnghelacheRomaniaMen's time trial57
Alexander EfimkinRussiaMen's road race
Alexandr KolobnevRussiaMen's road race
Alexandre BazhenovRussiaMen's road race
Boris ShpilevskyRussiaMen's road race
Evgueni PetrovRussiaMen's road race
Mikhail IgnatievRussiaMen's time trial26
Nikita EskovRussiaMen's road race
Roman KlimovRussiaMen's road race
Vladimir GusevRussiaMen's road race
Vladimir GusevRussiaMen's time trial11
Vladimir KarpetsRussiaMen's road race
Dragan SpasicSerbiaMen's road race
Esad HasanovićSerbiaMen's time trial55
Nebojša JovanovićSerbiaMen's road race
Žolt DerSerbiaMen's road race
Maroš KováčSlovakiaMen's road race
Martin VelitsSlovakiaMen's road race
Matej JurčoSlovakiaMen's time trial17
Peter VelitsSlovakiaMen's road race
Robert NagySlovakiaMen's time trial50
Borut BožičSloveniaMen's road race
Gorazd ŠtangeljSloveniaMen's road race
Grega BoleSloveniaMen's road race
Gregor GazvodaSloveniaMen's time trial35
Janez BrajkovičSloveniaMen's road race
Janez BrajkovičSloveniaMen's time trial8
Kristjan FajtSloveniaMen's road race
Matej StareSloveniaMen's road race
Christoff van HeerdenSouth AfricaMen's road race
Darren LillSouth AfricaMen's road race
Daryl ImpeySouth AfricaMen's road race
David GeorgeSouth AfricaMen's road race
Kevin EvansSouth AfricaMen's road race
Robert HunterSouth AfricaMen's road race
Alberto ContadorSpainMen's road race
Alejandro ValverdeSpainMen's road race
Benjamín NovalSpainMen's road race
Ezequiel MosqueraSpainMen's road race
Joaquim RodríguezSpainMen's road race6
José Iván GutiérrezSpainMen's time trial16
Juan Manuel GárateSpainMen's road race
Luis León SánchezSpainMen's road race
Óscar FreireSpainMen's road race
Rubén PlazaSpainMen's time trial32
Samuel SánchezSpainMen's road race
Fredrik EricssonSwedenMen's time trial20
Gustav LarssonSwedenMen's road race
Gustav LarssonSwedenMen's time trial5
Marcus LjungqvistSwedenMen's road race
Thomas LövkvistSwedenMen's road race
Andreas DietzikerSwitzerlandMen's road race
Danilo WyssSwitzerlandMen's road race
David LoosliSwitzerlandMen's road race
Grégory RastSwitzerlandMen's road race
Markus ZbergSwitzerlandMen's road race
Martin ElmigerSwitzerlandMen's road race
Oliver ZauggSwitzerlandMen's road race
Rubens BertogliatiSwitzerlandMen's road race
Rubens BertogliatiSwitzerlandMen's time trial30
Thomas FreiSwitzerlandMen's road race
Thomas FreiSwitzerlandMen's time trial41
Andriy HrivkoUkraineMen's road race5
Mikhaylo KhalilovUkraineMen's road race
Oleg ChuzhdaUkraineMen's road race
Ruslan PidgornyyUkraineMen's road race
Sergiy MatveyevUkraineMen's time trial40
Serhiy HoncharUkraineMen's time trial15
Volodymyr ZagorodnyUkraineMen's road race
Yaroslav PopovychUkraineMen's road race
Brent BookwalterUnited StatesMen's road race
David ZabriskieUnited StatesMen's road race
David ZabriskieUnited StatesMen's time trial3
Levi LeipheimerUnited StatesMen's time trial4
Levi Leipheimer (NP)United StatesMen's road race
Lucas EuserUnited StatesMen's road race
Steven CozzaUnited StatesMen's road race
Tyler FarrarUnited StatesMen's road race
Richard MascaranasUruguayMen's road race
Muradjan KhalmuratovUzbekistanMen's time trial44
Muradjan KhalmuratovUzbekistanMen's road race
Sergey LagutinUzbekistanMen's road race
Vladimir TuychievUzbekistanMen's road race
Vladimir TuychievUzbekistanMen's time trial53
Carlos José OchoaVenezuelaMen's road race
Franklin ChaconVenezuelaMen's road race
Jackson RodríguezVenezuelaMen's road race
José RujanoVenezuelaMen's road race
Manuel MedinaVenezuelaMen's road race
Richard OchoaVenezuelaMen's road race

Alexis RhodesAustraliaWomen's time trial24
Bridie O'DonnellAustraliaWomen's time trial23
Carla RyanAustraliaWomen's road race64
Emma RickardsAustraliaWomen's road raceDNF
Nathalie BatesAustraliaWomen's road raceDNF
Nikki EgyedAustraliaWomen's road race15
Oenone WoodAustraliaWomen's road race63
Rochelle GilmoreAustraliaWomen's road raceDNF
Vicki WhitelawAustraliaWomen's road race53
Vicki WhitelawAustraliaWomen's time trial16
Christiane SoederAustriaWomen's road race19
Christiane SoederAustriaWomen's time trial2
Daniela PintarelliAustriaWomen's road race59
Monika SchachlAustriaWomen's road race68
Alena Sits KoBelarusWomen's road raceDNF
Hanna TalkanitsaBelarusWomen's time trial40
Hanna TaukanitsaBelarusWomen's road raceDNF
An van RieBelgiumWomen's time trial29
Grace VerbekeBelgiumWomen's road race16
Laure WernerBelgiumWomen's road race84
Liesbet De VochtBelgiumWomen's road race58
Lieselot DecroixBelgiumWomen's road race49
Zinaida StahurskayaBelgiumWomen's road race38
Clemilda Fernandes SilvaBrazilWomen's road race46
Janildes Fernandes SilvaBrazilWomen's road raceDNF
Rosane KirchBrazilWomen's road race42
Uênia Fernandes de SouzaBrazilWomen's road raceDNF
Alex WrubleskiCanadaWomen's road race9
Anne SamploniusCanadaWomen's road raceDNF
Anne SamploniusCanadaWomen's time trial11
Erinne WillockCanadaWomen's road race48
Felicia GreerCanadaWomen's road race78
Julie BeveridgeCanadaWomen's road race60
Julie BeveridgeCanadaWomen's time trial17
Jarmila MachačováCzech RepublicWomen's road raceDNF
Jarmila MachačováCzech RepublicWomen's time trial28
Martina RůžičkováCzech RepublicWomen's road race51
Martina RůžičkováCzech RepublicWomen's time trial18
Linda VillumsenDenmarkWomen's road race13
Linda VillumsenDenmarkWomen's time trial10
Maja AdamsenDenmarkWomen's road race44
Trine SchmidtDenmarkWomen's time trial31
Polona BatageljEl SalvadorWomen's road raceDNF
Sigrid CorneoEl SalvadorWomen's road race77
Grete TreierEstoniaWomen's road race43
Grete TreierEstoniaWomen's time trial27
Laura LepasaluEstoniaWomen's road raceDNF
Edwige PitelFranceWomen's road race54
Edwige PitelFranceWomen's time trial26
Élodie TouffetFranceWomen's road race80
Jeannie LongoFranceWomen's time trial13
Jeannie Longo-CiprelliFranceWomen's road race17
Julie KrasniakFranceWomen's road race86
Karine GautardFranceWomen's road race47
Maryline SalvetatFranceWomen's road race20
Angela BrodtkaGermanyWomen's road raceDNF
Charlotte BeckerGermanyWomen's road race71
Charlotte BeckerGermanyWomen's time trial9
Claudia HäuslerGermanyWomen's road race11
Judith ArndtGermanyWomen's road race3
Judith ArndtGermanyWomen's time trial3
Luise KellerGermanyWomen's road race72
Trixi WorrackGermanyWomen's road race5
Elizabeth ArmitsteadGreat BritainWomen's road race41
Emma PooleyGreat BritainWomen's road race35
Emma PooleyGreat BritainWomen's time trial8
Jessica AllenGreat BritainWomen's road race61
Nicole CookeGreat BritainWomen's road race1
Sharon LawsGreat BritainWomen's road race28
Sharon LawsGreat BritainWomen's time trial19
Heather WilsonIrelandWomen's road raceDNF
Heather WilsonIrelandWomen's time trial42
Louise MoriartyIrelandWomen's road raceDNF
Olivia DillonIrelandWomen's road raceDNF
Olivia DillonIrelandWomen's time trial39
Siobhan DervanIrelandWomen's road race24
Anna ZugnoItalyWomen's time trial36
Elena BerlatoItalyWomen's time trial37
Eva LechnerItalyWomen's road raceDNF
Fabiana LuperiniItalyWomen's road race70
Giorgia BronziniItalyWomen's road race14
Monia BaccailleItalyWomen's road race26
Noemi CanteleItalyWomen's road race37
Tatiana GuderzoItalyWomen's road race29
Mayuko HagiwaraJapanWomen's time trial35
Miho OkiJapanWomen's road race82
Yuka YamashimaJapanWomen's road raceDNF
Mariya SlokotovichKazakhstanWomen's road raceDNF
Daiva TušlaitėLithuaniaWomen's time trial34
Diana ŽiliūtėLithuaniaWomen's time trial15
Diana ŽiliūtėLithuaniaWomen's road race6
Edita PučinskaitėLithuaniaWomen's road race18
Inga ČilvinaitėLithuaniaWomen's road race90
Jolanta PolikevičiūtėLithuaniaWomen's road race34
Modesta VžesniauskaitėLithuaniaWomen's road race32
Rasa LeleivytėLithuaniaWomen's road race81
Rasa PolikevičiūtėLithuaniaWomen's road race27
Christine MajerusLuxembourgWomen's road raceDNF
Nathalie LamborelleLuxembourgWomen's road raceDNF
Laura Lorenza Morfin MacouzetMexicoWomen's road race25
Verónica Leal BalderasMexicoWomen's road race74
Chantal BeltmanNetherlandsWomen's road race12
Ellen van DijkNetherlandsWomen's time trial20
Irene van den BroekNetherlandsWomen's road raceDNF
Kirsten WildNetherlandsWomen's time trial25
Marianne VosNetherlandsWomen's road race2
Mirjam Melchers-Van PoppelNetherlandsWomen's road race30
Regina BruinsNetherlandsWomen's road raceDNF
Regina BruinsNetherlandsWomen's time trial21
Suzanne de GoedeNetherlandsWomen's road race62
Joanne KiesanowskiNew ZealandWomen's road race8
Kaytee BoydNew ZealandWomen's road race21
Rosara JosephNew ZealandWomen's road race69
Anita Valen De VriesNorwayWomen's road raceDNF
Anna HarkowskaPolandWomen's road raceDNF
Bogumiła MatusiakPolandWomen's time trial38
Magdalena ZamolskaPolandWomen's road race89
Małgorzata JasińskaPolandWomen's road race23
Monika GrzebinogaPolandWomen's road race57
Paulina BrzeźnaPolandWomen's road race55
Sylwia KapustaPolandWomen's road race75
Alexandra BurchenkovaRussiaWomen's road race40
Alexandra BurchenkovaRussiaWomen's time trial33
Yuliya MartisovaRussiaWomen's road race10
Natalia BoyarskayaRussiaWomen's road race33
Oxana KozonchukRussiaWomen's road race45
Tatiana AntoshinaRussiaWomen's road race65
Tatiana AntoshinaRussiaWomen's time trial4
Yulia BlindyukRussiaWomen's road raceDNF
Kathryn BertineSaint Kitts and NevisWomen's road raceDNF
Kathryn BertineSaint Kitts and NevisWomen's time trial41
Katarína UhlarikováSlovakiaWomen's road raceDNF
Polona BatageljSloveniaWomen's time trial43
Anriette SchoemanSouth AfricaWomen's road race76
Cherise TaylorSouth AfricaWomen's road raceDNF
Chrissie ViljoenSouth AfricaWomen's road race87
Lynette BurgerSouth AfricaWomen's road race88
Marissa van der MerweSouth AfricaWomen's road race56
Robyn de GrootSouth AfricaWomen's road raceDNF
Yolandi Du ToitSouth AfricaWomen's road raceDNF
Anna Sanchis ChaferSpainWomen's road race36
Eneritz Iturriaga EchevarriaSpainWomen's road race52
Eneritz Iturriaga EchevarriaSpainWomen's time trial32
Gema Pascual TorrecillaSpainWomen's road raceDNF
Iosune Murillo ElkanoSpainWomen's road raceDNF
Leticia Gil ParraSpainWomen's road raceDNF
Marta Vila Josana AndreuSpainWomen's time trial30
Marta Vilajosana AndreuSpainWomen's road race7
Emilia FahlinSwedenWomen's road raceDNF
Emma JohanssonSwedenWomen's road race4
Emma JohanssonSwedenWomen's time trial14
Karin AuneSwedenWomen's road raceDNF
Marie LindbergSwedenWomen's road raceDNF
Monica HollerSwedenWomen's road raceDNF
Susanne LjungskogSwedenWomen's road race31
Susanne LjungskogSwedenWomen's time trial7
Andrea ThürigSwitzerlandWomen's road raceDNF
Jennifer HohlSwitzerlandWomen's road race79
Karin ThurigSwitzerlandWomen's time trial6
Karin ThürigSwitzerlandWomen's road raceDNF
Mirjam Hauser-SennSwitzerlandWomen's road race85
Pascale SchniderSwitzerlandWomen's time trial22
Patricia SchwagerSwitzerlandWomen's road race66
Sereina TrachselSwitzerlandWomen's road race50
Alyona AndrukUkraineWomen's road race91
Oksana KashchyshynaUkraineWomen's road race73
Yevheniya VysotskaUkraineWomen's road race83
Amber NebenUnited StatesWomen's road race22
Amber NebenUnited StatesWomen's time trial1
Brooke MillerUnited StatesWomen's road raceDNF
Christine ThorburnUnited StatesWomen's road raceDNF
Christine ThorburnUnited StatesWomen's time trial12
Katheryn Curi MattisUnited StatesWomen's road raceDNF
Kori Kelley SeehaferUnited StatesWomen's road race67
Kristin ArmstrongUnited StatesWomen's road race39
Kristin ArmstrongUnited StatesWomen's time trial5
Adriana Lovera VarelaVenezuelaWomen's road raceDNF
Garcia BuittragoVenezuelaWomen's road raceDNF
Maria Briceno JimenezVenezuelaWomen's road raceDNF


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