List of governors of Tangier

This is a list of governors of Tangier during the period when it was under European control.

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Portuguese Suzerainty
28 August 1471 to 1484?Rodrigo Afonso de Melo, 1st Count of Olivença, Governor
1484? to 1486Manuel de Melo, Count of Olivença, Governor
1486 to 1489João de Meneses, 1st Count of Tarouca, Governor1st Term
1487 to 1489Fernão Martins Mascarenhas, Interim Governor
1489 to 1490Manuel Pessanha, Interim Governor
1490? to 1501Lopo Vaz de Azevedo, Governor
1501 to 1508João de Meneses, 1st Count of Tarouca, Governor2nd Term
1508 to 1521Duarte de Meneses, Governor1st Term
1521 to 1522Henrique de Meneses, Governor
1522 to 1533Duarte de Meneses, from Évora, Governor
1533 to 1536Gonçalo Mendes Sacoto, Governor
1536 to 1539Duarte de Meneses, Governor2nd Term
1539 to 1546João de Meneses, Governor
1546 to 1548Francisco Botelho, Governor
1548 to 1550Pedro de Meneses, Governor
1550 to 1552João Álvares de Azevedo, Governor
1552 to 1553Luís de Loureiro, Governor
1553Fernando de Menezes, Governor
1553 to 1554Luís da Silva de Meneses, Governor
1554 to 1564Bernardim de Carvalho, Governor
1564 to 1566Lourenço de Távora, Governor
15 July 1566 to 1 August 1572João de Meneses, Governor
1572 to 1573Rui de Carvalho, Governor
1573 to 1574Diogo Lopes da Franca, Governor
1574 to 15 August 1574António of Portugal, Governor
1574 to 1578Duarte de Meneses, Viceroy of Portuguese India, Governor
1578 to September 1578Pedro da Silva, Governor
7 September 1578 to 25 July 1581Jorge de Mendonça, Governor
25 July 1581 to 1590Francisco de Almeida, Governor
1590 to June 1591Belchior da França and Simão Lopes de Mendonça, Governors
17 June 1591 to 24 August 1599Aires de Saldanha, Governor
24 August 1599 to 22 September 1605António Pereira Lopes de Berredo, Governor
22 September 1605 to March 1610Nunho de Mendonça, Governor
March 1610 to June 1614Afonso de Noronha, Governor
June 1614 to October 1614Luís de Meneses, 2nd Count of Tarouca, Governor
October 1614 to August 1615Luís de Noronha, Governor
August 1615 to 22 December 1616João Coutinho, 5th Count of Redondo, Governor
22 December 1616 to 1 July 1617André Dias da França, Governor
1 July 1617 to 1621Pedro Manuel, Governor
1621 to 13 March 1622André Dias da França, Governor
13 March 1622 to July 1624Jorge de Mascarenhas, Marquis of Montalvão, Governor
July 1624 to 14 May 1628Miguel de Noronha, 4th Count of Linhares, Governor
14 May 1628 to 18 June 1628Galaaz Fernandes da Silveira, Governor
18 June 1628 to 1637Fernando de Mascarenhas, Count of Torre, Governor
15 April 1637 to 24 August 1643Rodrigo Lobo da Silveira, Governor
1643 to 16 April 1645André Dias da França, Governor
16 April 1645 to 20 November 1649Caetano Coutinho, Governor
20 November 1649 to January 1653Luís Lobo, Baron of Alvito, Governor
January 1653 to 7 March 1656Rodrigo de Lencastre, Governor
7 March 1656 to 1661Fernando de Meneses, 2nd Count of Ericeira, Governor
1661 to 29 January 1662Luís de Almeida, Governor
English Suzerainty (see English Tangier)
29 January 1662 to 9 May 1663Henry Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough, Governor
10 May 1663 1663 to 4 May 1664Andrew Rutherford, Earl of Teviot, Governor
4 May 1664 to 1664Sir Tobias Bridge, Acting Governor
1664 to April 1665John Fitzgerald, Governor
April 1665 to 1666John, Baron Belasyse, Governor (unable to take oath of conformity)
1666 to 1669Sir Henry Norwood, Governor
1669 to 1670John Middleton, Earl of Middleton, Governor
1670 to 1672Sir Hugh Chomondeley, acting Governor
1672 to 1674John Middleton, Earl of Middleton
1674 to 1675 , acting Governor
1675 to 1680William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin, Governor
1680 to 1680Palmes Fairbourne, Governor
1680 to 1680Thomas Butler, 6th Earl of Ossory, died after appointment but before taking up position
1680 to October 1680Charles FitzCharles, 1st Earl of Plymouth, died soon after taking up position as Governor
October 1680 to 28 December 1681Sir Edward Sackville, Governor
28 December 1681 to 1683Sir Percy Kirke, Governor
1683 to 6 February 1684George Legge, Admiral Lord Dartmouth, Governor
6 February 1684Re-incorporated into Morocco

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