Madras to Pondicherry

Madras to Pondicherry

Film Poster
Directed by Thirumalai Mahalingam
Produced by Vividha Baarathy
Written by 'Usilai' Somanathan
Story by 'Usilai' Somanathan
Starring Ravichandran
Kalla part Natarajan
Music by T. K. Ramamoorthy
Cinematography G. Vittal Rao
Edited by A. Paul Duraisingam
Sri Venkateswara Cinetone
Distributed by Sri Venkateswara Cinetone
Release dates
15 January 1966
Running time
121 Minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Madras to Pondicherry was a 1966 Tamil language film directed by Thirumalai Mahalingam and produce by Vividha Baarathy. Though the dialog and story was written by 'Usilai' Somanathan. Music by T. K. Ramamoorthy assets to the movie. Starring Kalpana, Ravichandran was playe lead role in protagonist. Nagesh, Manorama, V. K. Ramasamy, C. T. Rajakantham, V. S. Raghavan and O. A. K. Thevar was play key role. The film was a runaway hit at the box office.[1] The movie was eventually remade in Hindi as Bombay to Goa.[2][3] The role played by Nagesh in Tamil version was reprised by Mehmood in the Hindi version.[4] This film was the last film in which the comedian C. T. Rajakantham (who became famous through the first Tamil box-office hit comedy film Sabapathy(1941)) acted.


Ravichandran travels in a bus going from Madras to Pondicherry. Where he meets a girl who is running away from the bad guys. The hero saves her and falls in love with the girl Kalpana. They many involved subplots interesting character who travel on the same bus. A wisecracking conductor Nagesh and driver (A. Karunanidhi). A Brahmin couple Veerappan and Manorama with a thumb sucking, fat son crazy "Pakoda Kadher".


Road movies are popular in the western, but rarely are such filmed made india. It is a genre in which the main character or characters leave home to travel from place to place. They usually leave home to escape their current live and meet with many adventure that have a profound impact not only on the lives but also on those they came across during their travel.

Come to the movie story: A young woman Kalpana leaves home, because of her interest in a movie career which is kindled by a group of crook's. (Kallapart Natarajan) shoots a member of his gang which is she witness. To, escape them, she jumps on to a running bus going from madras to Pondicherry and then the fun starts. The gangsters engage a man who boards the bus the young women is into eliminate her.

However, a young man also gets in(Ravichandran). He too travels on the bus with her pals and realize that the young women is in trouble. He takes up the task of saving her and in the process falls in love with her. In the end it turns out that he is her prospective bridegroom to avoid whom she leaves home. They are many subplots involving interesting characters who travel on the same bus.

The wisecracking conductor(Nagesh) and the driver(A. Karunanidhi). Nagesh his brand of comedy impresses a lot and so does the sadly underrated comedian (A. Karunanidhi). Nagesh was sight and romance with who travels the young girl passengers was come to her grandmother. A Brahmin couple Veerappan and Manorama with a thumb sucking, fat son crazy about "Pakoda"(Khader). His role attracted so much attention came to known as ('Pakoda'Khader). He went on to act in quite few films. Veerappan. who plays the brahmin was a popular comedy writer and wrote comedy dialog for many comedians such as Goundamani and Senthil. Manorama as a brahmin women impresses in the inimitable style. Angamuthu also raises laughter.


The interesting story line, Subplots that raised laughs, Pleasing Music and fine portrayals by Nagesh Ravinchandran Kalpana etc. The movie was dedicated to thanking for "The Provincial Transport Private Limited Company".




The music composed by T. K. Ramamoorthy and lyrics written by Alangudi Somu, Panchu Arunachalam , Thanjai Vaanan and Namakkal Varadarajan. The film also had tuneful music and song filmed on hero (sing by TMS) in the running bus with his friends playing western instruments become popular.

No Song Singer length(m:ss)
1 Enna Enthan T. M. Soundararajan P. Suseela 4:05
2 Engey Payanam 4:07
3 Malar Ponndra Paruvame T. M. Soundararajan 3:18
4 Hello My Friend Nenjathil Enna P. Suseela 3:26


Bombay to Goa is 1972 Bollywood-adventure-film was directed by S. Ramanathan and produced by N. S. Sipy. Though the dialog written by Rajinder Krishan and stoy written by 'Usilai' Somanathan. Music by R. D. Burman aseets to the movie. Starring Amitabh Bachchan , Aruna Irani ,and Mehmood. It was semi-hit at the box office. Comedian Mahnood as Bombay to Goa. Mehmood was great admire of Nagesh and played many of his role in hindi version and this one such. The lead role was performed by Amitabh Bachchan is one of his early role and fetched him name and fame.


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