Mesut Kurtis

Mesut Kurtis

Kurtis performing at a concert at the American University in Cairo in 2010
Background information
Native name Mesut Kurtiş

July 1981 (age 35)

Skopje, Macedonia

Origin United Kingdom
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2000–present
Labels Awakening
Associated acts

Mesut Kurtis (Turkish: Mesut Kurtiş; born July 31 1981) is a Macedonian Islamic singer of Turkish descent represented by and signed to Awakening Records.[1]

Background and education

Kurtis was born in Skopje, Macedonia. His parents are of Turkish origin.[2] He studied at the College of Skojpe and came to the UK at a young age to pursue his studies. He graduated with a degree in Human Sciences, Islamic Law[3][4] and Jurisprudence.[5] from the European Institute of Human Sciences, University of Wales[3]

Kurtis comes from a scholarly and religious family.[3] His great-grandfather was a well known scholar at the time of the Ottoman Empire.[6]


Kurtis at a concert in Konya, Turkey in 2014

Kurtis showed a strong interest in Islamic nasheeds from a very young age. He joined several nasheed groups in Macedonia that performed local[5] social clubs, mosques, and conferences[7] and also made several international visits including performances in Turkey and neighbouring places.[5] His music is influenced by Sufi, Turkish classical, Arabic and European styles.[8]

In May 2004, his debut album Salawat, produced by Awakening Records, was released and [9] featured songs that combine Arabic, Turkish and English.[10] It was well received by Muslim listeners around the world after his first music video "Al‐Burdah" which was filmed on location in the islands off the coast of Turkey.[11]

In June 2009, his second album Beloved was released.[12] On 7 July 2014, his third album Tabassam was released.

Kurtis sings in Arabic, English and Turkish.[6] He is also fluent in five languages.[5] He has performed several concerts in the UK, France, Macedonia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others.[13]


(From left) Maher Zain, Irfan Makki, Raef, Hamza Namira, Mesut Kurtis in "Send a little hope" UK tour in London in April 2012



Title Album details
  • Released: 25 June 2009
  • Label: Awakening Records
  • Formats: CD, Digital Download
  • Released: 7 July 2014
  • Label: Awakening Records
  • Formats: CD, Digital Download


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